NYS Curriculum for Advanced Technological Education

NYSCATE Project Overview

The New York State Curriculum for Advanced Technological Education Project (NYSCATE) is an Advanced Technological Education Project funded by the National Science Foundation. The three-year, $1.5M Project comprises a consortium of two-year and four-year institutions including Finger Lakes Community College, Fulton Montgomery Community College, New York City Technical College, and Hofstra University in cooperation with the New York State Education Department. The Project’s mission is to lay the groundwork for systemic reform of Advanced Technological Education (ATE) curriculum in New York State.

The Project will develop, field test, and institutionalize 14 articulated, state-sanctioned grade 9 — 14 Advanced Technological Education curriculum modules within three overarching areas of technology: Bio/Chemical Technology, Information Technology, and Physical Technology (materials and manufacturing).

NYSCATE will engage community college, university, and high school faculty; industrialists; state-level policy makers; and NSF ATE Centers of Excellence as collaborators in developing exemplary materials and in unifying secondary and post-secondary segments of the New York State ATE delivery system.

In its third year, the Project will expand the field test of its products to additional sites in New York and three other states to bring a standards-driver, academically integrative, pedagogically contemporary perspective to ATE curriculum and instruction

Dr. David Burghardt

Dr. Michael Hacker

For more information,
please contact:
Dr. William Peruzzi
Project Coordinator

Lois Miceli
Adminstrative Assistant
Hofstra University
Center for Technological Literacy
773 Fulton Ave.
Hempstead, NY 11549-7730
(516) 463-6482


  • To produce a series of 14 curriculum modules that will accommodate grades 9 — 14 curricular needs in bio/chemical technology, information technology, and physical technology through adapting and implementing best practices and programs.
  • To field-test each module rigorously, collect field-test data, and revise the materials in response to feedback received from field-test teachers.
  • To develop flexible delivery systems including paper- and Web-based learning-on-demand programs and virtual laboratories with remote access.
  • To bring about collaboration among stakeholders who comprise the ATE delivery system.
  • To evaluate and disseminate models, methods, activities, and result.

Management Personnel

Project AdministrationProject Co-Principal Investigators
Project Co-Directors
M.David Burghardt, Ph.D.
Michael Hacker
Hofstra University
Linda Hobart
Finger Lakes Community College
Project Coordinator
William Peruzzi, Ph.D.
Hofstra University
John E. Jablonski
Dean Of Business and Technology
Fulton Montgomery Community College
Project Administrative Assistant
Lois Miceli
Hofstra University
Margarita S. Mayo
Director of Education and Training
New York State Business College
Project Evaluator
Bert Flugman, Ph.D.
Center for Advanced Study in
Education, CUNY
Godfrey I. Nwoke, Ph.D.
New York City College of Technology
State Education Department Liaison
Bernard McInerney
Statewide Tech Prep Coordinator
Jean Stevens
Assistant Commissioner
Office of Workforce Preparation and
Continuing Education
New York State Education Department

Project Advisory Council

Mr. Stuart Field (Advisory Council Chair) Manager, Saratoga Division, Slack Chemical Company

Dr. James C. Dawson, Member, NYS Board of Regents

Mrs. Nancy Bryan, Past President
New York State Technology Education Association

Mr. James Cimino, Executive Director
Association of Career and Technical Education Adminstrators

Dr. Lorraine Hohenforst, Coordinator of Instructional Services
Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES

Dr. Elaine A. Johnson, Director
Bio-Link (ATE) Center, City College of San Francisco

Dr. James Masi, Retired Executive Director, Northeast (ATE) Center for Telecommunications Technology, Professor Emeritus, Western New England College

Mr. Bernard McInerney, Statewide Tech Prep Coordinator, NYSED

Mr. Gordon Snyder, Executive Director
National Center for Telecommunications Technology

Writing Team


Linda Hobart, Co-Pi

Robert Dayton
James Hewlett
Susan Holt
Ann Paige

Dr. Dorothy Rosenthal


John E. Jablonski, Co-Pi

Marcia Craft
Michael Flinton
Richard Prestopnick
Jeremy Spraggs
Edward Zak

Dr. Theodore Bredderman


Dr. Godfrey Nwoke, Co-Pi

Josephine Accumanno Braneky
John Marean
David Poleshuck
Badreddine Oudjehane

Mr. Barry Borakove

NYSCATE Products

Pedagogical Framework

NYSCATE FOCUS on informed Design

Design Cycle

Design Folio

Final Modules

  1. Automated Control System
  2. Remote Sensing
    1. Introduction to PC: Help Desk
    2. Introduction to PC: Help Desk Appendix (zip)
    1. Introduction to Networks: Getting Wired
    2. Introduction to Networks: Getting Wired Appendix (zip)
  3. Drying by Design
  4. Bioprospecting
  5. Liquid Crystals
  6. Design for Manufacture
  7. Paving the Way to the Internet
  8. Gatekeeper to the Internet
  9. Introduction to Polymers
  10. Solutions and Dilutions