MBA Co-op Program

Co-op Requirements

Student Qualifications:

  • 3.6 GPA or higher
  • Must have completed first 24 credits of MBA program
  • Admission to the MBA Co-op Program does not guarantee a co-op employment position. Students must be offered and accept a position with an approved Co-op MBA Corporate Partner.
  • Students may secure a Co-op position on their own, but the Co-op employer must engage with the MBA Co-op Program Director and sign an Employer Statement of Understanding
  • Prior to interviewing with Co-op Corporate Employers, students are required to participate in a resume review, mock interview and networking events with Graduate Business Career Relations.

Length of Employment:

  • Minimum three months to a maximum of five months
  • Students may engage in their Co-op semester once they have completed a minimum of 36 semester hours.

Wages, Work Hours, and Employee Benefits:

  • Recommended $20/hour
  • Full-time employment during co-op term
  • Specific work hours are determined between the MBA Co-op employer and the student. MBA Co-op students are expected to generally work a minimum of 480 hours during Co-op period
  • Work must be related to the MBA student’s major
Co-op Requirements