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Student Ticket Lottery

The student lottery to receive a ticket to the Presidential Debate on October 15, 2008 closed on Friday October 3, 2008 at Noon. The total number of students who entered the lottery was over 6800 students! Ticket availability will be extremely limited and at this point, no tickets have been issued to the University for distribution. The Commission on Presidential Debates assigns all tickets, and the majority of these tickets go to the two campaigns for distribution to their supporters. All students who entered the lottery will be notified of their status by Tuesday October 7, 2008 at 8:00 pm. The students selected to remain in the pool of potential ticket-holders will be instructed as to the next steps in the process (e.g. clearance by the United States Secret Service). It is important to note, we do not know, how many, if any, of this pool will receive tickets. No debate tickets are available for the public, administrators, faculty, alumni or parents through Hofstra University.

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