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Follow the Debate Online

Students on Laptops

Hofstra University hosted DebateWatch events for people to attend on campus. Several web sites offered live streaming video of the debate on October 15th, along with commentary and analysis. These links are provided as a convenience and do not represent any guarantees or endorsements on the part of Hofstra University.


C-Span offers a replay of the debate, a debate cam from the site and aggregated Twitter posts and blog coverage of the debate, along with a timeline of the event.


Current & Twitter have teamed up for the very first time to integrate real-time Twitter messages (aka "tweets") over major portions of a live television broadcast.

Hulu offers clips of the previous debates and had a live stream of the debate from Hofstra.

MyDebates focuses on summarizing the issues and the candidates' stances on them. Thanks to a partnership with the Commission on Presidential Debates (its first with an Internet company), MySpace featured live streams of the debate.

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