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October 15, 2008
The Public Area at Hofstra University

Hagedorn Hall

The Public Area at Hagedorn Hall is open from 3 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. and is open to everyone. Registration is not required to enter the Public Area, but is required to speak at the podium and use the provided sound system.

Start of Scheduled Speaking TimeSpeakerOrganization
3:00 Ian Wilder Babylon Greens
3:10 Peaches Diamond Brooklyn College Veterans Association
3:20 Carl Lanzisera Americans for Legal Reform
3:30 Cheryl Wertz Peace Action New York State
3:40 Tom Siracuse Manhattan Green Party Local
4:00 Michael S. Smith G-PACT
4:10 Jessie Rock Every Child Matters - LI
4:20 Tara Keenan-Thomson NYCLU - Nassau
4:30 Charlotte Koons "Suffolk NYCLU/ Code Pink LI/LI Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives/ Suffolk Peace Network"
4:40 Camillo Mac Bica Veterans For Peace Long Island
5:00 Eryka Sajek Progressive Students' Union
5:10 Susan Donnelly Code Pink Long Island Women for Peace
5:20 Janet Egan Suffolk Peace Network
5:30 Martin Melkonian  
5:40 Margaret Melkonian Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
6:00 Gregory Maney LITHR
6:10 Jo Ann D. Smith Planned Parenthood of Nassau County
6:20 Sheila Croke Pax Christi Long Island
6:30 Jeff Ahking Progressive Students' Union
6:40 Michael LaFemina Progressive Students' Union/ Center for Civic Engmnt
7:00 Sergio Argueta STRONG Youth, Inc.
7:10 Kimberly Wilder Green Party of Suffolk
7:20 Megan M. O'Handley Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
7:30 Christopher Molaro United States Military Academy
7:40 Jeff Jensen  
8:00 Rachel Astarte Piccione Gentlefish Productions
8:10 "Linda Sullivan, Matthew Sullivan, Stephen Sullivan, & Catherine Sullivan"  
8:20 Gavin Wilson  
8:30 Danielle Williams  
8:40 Dwight L. Wallace  
8:50 Felicia Nichols  
9:00 Bill Hendrick  
9:10 Chris Chalfant Code Pink/Brooklyn for Obama/

Each speaker will have 8 minutes at the microphone.  The speaker will receive a warning when there is one minute remaining, and a final warning when there are thirty seconds remaining. The warning will be a beep. After 8 minutes have elapsed, the microphone will be shut off until the next speaker comes on stage.  There will be a two-minute break between speakers.

Each speaker should approach the stage 10 minutes prior to their scheduled speaking time and check in with the speaker manager at the side of the stage. Your eight minutes of speaking time begin promptly at your scheduled time. If you are late coming to the podium, you will forfeit the time you are late. Your speaking slot ends eight minutes after you are scheduled to begin.

There will be a ten minute break at the end of each hour.

The University will not regulate the content of any speech and the general University rules governing demonstrations and public assembly will apply. The Nassau County Police Department is also present to ensure compliance with New York State, County and local laws.

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