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Hofstra Students Reap Rewards of Educate ’08 and the Presidential Debate

Lenny Beckerman-Rodau

Sharon, MA


Senior, graduating December 2008
Mathematical-Business-Economics Major
Financial Management Association
Student Judicial Board
Yearlong study at the Universiteit van Amsterdam

Attending the 2008 Republican National Convention was an amazing and unique experience. The week prior to the Convention the students participating in The Washington Center’s Presidential Academic Seminar Series listened to a number of speakers in the morning and participated in student-led discussions in the afternoon.

The first Educate ’08 event I attended was titled Economic Issues Facing the Presidency, which took place on 9 September 2008. It featured former United State’s Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Paul O’Neill and was moderated by The New York Times’ Chief Financial Correspondent Floyd Norris. The first thing that struck me about the event and the Educate ’08 program in general was the overwhelming interest across the entire spectrum of Hofstra University. The venue at Adams Playhouse was filled beyond capacity with students, faculty, administrators, alumni and community members and as a result. Where else do I have the opportunity to go from listening to a lecture on a hypothetical economy in my course on Microeconomic to listening to two former Treasury Secretaries discuss the real economy and its future.

The Educate ’08 experience at Hofstra University has been and continues to be amazing. While my decision to attend Hofstra University was not based on the university hosting both the Third Presidential Debate and a year-long engaging introspective of important politics and issues, the importance it holds for me is summed up when I hear current freshman students discussing the attraction such an opportunity had on their decision to attend.

Thanks to Hofstra University I have had the opportunity to experience politics from a variety of perspectives, all unique and memorable. It began at the 2005 Bill Clinton Presidential conference titled The "New Democrat" From Hope. Not only did I listen to former President Clinton address a packed audience of thousands of students, faculty and administrators, but hundreds of former advisors picked apart the Clinton Administration, attempting to build and shape their own legacy.

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