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Hofstra Students Reap Rewards of Educate ’08 and the Presidential Debate

Adrian Culea

Fishkill, N.Y.


Political Science Major

A sophomore, Adrian Culea is already a veteran of the political scene. He worked as an intern for Hillary Clinton’s campaign for a year, juggling vital responsibilities, including booking hotel accommodations for her campaign staff, interviewing other interns, opening a campaign office in Westchester County and canvassing around the country.

Because of his involvement with the Clinton campaign, he was very interested in attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He successfully applied to go through The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. “The idea of being at the convention was really cool,” he said. At the time he thought there might be a fight for the nomination between Senators Clinton and Barack Obama. Although it didn’t turn out that way, he was still very appreciative of the opportunity to attend such a historic event.

Culea feels strongly that people of all ages need to follow the election closely, no matter what their political views. “There are a lot of issues affecting both young and old people. There are millions of people without health insurance, billions of dollars being spent on the war in Iraq and millions losing their homes and jobs. Whether you feel the country is moving in the wrong direction or the right direction, now is the time to be heard.”

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