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Hofstra Students Reap Rewards of Educate ’08 and the Presidential Debate

Robb Friedlander

Overland Park, Kansas 


Political Science Major
Co-founder/President- Hofstra For Obama & President-Hofstra Hillel

In the summer leading up to my freshman year at Hofstra University, like many college students, I did not know what my major would become or what I wanted to do in my future. I always had an interest in politics and even volunteered for the John Kerry campaign in 2004, yet always considered politics an interest. I simply felt that I could not change the political game that seemed to not care much about me. That all changed on May 10th 2007 when I saw Senator Obama’s speech announcing his candidacy for the presidency. It sparked an idea in me that with enough hard work and passion our generation can change the system that seems to be working against us.

Hofstra’s Educate ’08 programs could not have come at a better time for me and many other students at Hofstra. Through this program I was able to meet some of the greatest political minds of this generation from David Gergen to James Carville. I was able to learn and be inspired by the likes of Charlie Cook and Paul Begala and even challenged by Frank Luntz. These interactions were not only valuable but in many ways life changing. They showed me the intricacies of the political world and how I could make this passion into a career. Along with speakers I am lucky to have such a great political science faculty here at Hofstra that has not only challenged, taught and inspired me but many who have been there as a guide and friend to myself and other students as we explore the career of Political Science. 

These lessons learned through the Educate ’08 programs inspired me to go back home during school breaks and continue to work on the political campaigns. I was fortunate enough to have an internship with the Obama field office in Kansas, where I felt our work made a difference in our country’s history.  As we continue this campaign to change our country in a better direction the club Hofstra Students for Obama will be taking over 150 students to congressional districts in Pennsylvania to continue making our impact on our country and world.

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