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Hofstra Students Reap Rewards of Educate ’08 and the Presidential Debate

Tyler GreenPope

East Syracuse, NY


Broadcast Journalism major
Minor in Speech Communications and Rhetorical Studies
Student Government Association, Resident Student Association, and Educate ‘08

The Hofstra University Educate ‘08 program is an educational series of conferences and events leading up to the third and final Presidential Debate which is being held at our Hempstead, NY campus. Tyler GreenPope is the Educate ‘08 Student Chairperson.

Tyler, along with many of his campus colleagues and community members, has attended many of these events. When asked why he is so active with this initiatve he says that it is “not just because I am the student chairman, but also because I have a drive and passion for getting involved and becoming more informed as to what our nation is going through.” He continued, “All of the events are a great way for students, of all different types to come together for one common theme, education.”

Jayne Brownell, the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs selected him as student chairperson and for the Tyler is grateful. “She has given me the opportunity to get extremely involved. I go to weekly meetings and meet with different administrators and facility members, and give my input from a student perspective. I have also had to chance to meet many of the guest speakers one on one, such speakers as Tony Blair, David Gergen, Amy Goodman and George Stephanopoulos. All of these events and meetings have given the chance to network with many people and also an experience that no other student has had.”

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