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Hofstra Students Reap Rewards of Educate ’08 and the Presidential Debate

Andrea Klerides

Medford, NY


Broadcast Journalism major
Minor in Political Science
WRHU, Greeks at Hofstra (Hofstra's Hellenic Society) Hofstra Pride Guide, Educate ´08

Q. Why are you involved in Educate ’08?
A. I became involved in the Educate ’08 campaign because I believe that there is no better time and opportunity to practice reporting politics. Also, since this is the first presidential election in which I can vote, I felt it is especially important to be as involved as I could so that I can make a well informed decision.

Q. Does any of your course work incorporate Educate ’08?
A. I’m fortunate enough to take an Educate ’08 course this semester (Presidential Debates). In this course we are studying historical presidential debates and learning the process taken to put on such an extravagant media event. However, as the debate and election draw near, I plan on attending any Educate ’08 event I can. I enjoy learning about the behind the scenes information so that the next time I watch a debate or political event I can say, 'I know how this was put together!' and have a greater appreciation for it.

Q. What impact do you think Educate ’08 will have on your future?
A. As a first time voter and prospective journalist having the final presidential debate at Hofstra comes at a turning point in my life. I always joke that if I wind up doing anything with politics in the future, this debate will be the reason why. As a junior I'm two years into my college career and two years away from graduating--it is now that I must decide what I want to pursue and what better way to learn if I’m truly interested in politics than by having the final presidential debate and thousands of members of the media right next to my dorm? Also, as a first time voter, I'm passionate about making sure my first vote is the right one. I’m also honored that the Commission for Presidential Debates has chosen three universities. Having made that decisions shows that the Commission is choosing to give young voters even more chances to have their voices heard and learn about the political process.

Q. Has Educate ’08 prompted any other unique opportunities for you?
A. With the help of Hofstra University and our radio station, WRHU, I’ve traveled to the New Hampshire Primary and the Democratic National Convention. Each time I was put into the field as a rookie reporter learning the ropes and left each event having more knowledge and confidence about my career. For the first time, in Denver I was really forced to go into the field, attend major political events and produce packages on a daily basis--what better training for the real world? I look forward to taking all of the new skills I’ve acquired and putting them to the test on election day and perhaps even on Inauguration Day!

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