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Hofstra Students Reap Rewards of Educate ’08 and the Presidential Debate

Julia Laroche

Houston, TX


Political Science Major

This resourceful political science major knew early on in 2008 that the presidential election was one she would want to closely follow. She applied on her own to attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer, unaware that there would be a class of Hofstra students and faculty going as well.

 “It’s such a historic year. At the time I applied it was still fairly uncertain who would get the Democratic nomination,” said Laroche after attending an Educate ’08 talk on campus delivered by George Stephanopoulos, ABC-TV newsman and former advisor to President Bill Clinton.
Laroche says the overall experience of attending the DNC was “incredible, an excellent opportunity.” Initially disappointed about the access she was allowed at the convention, Laroche took advantage of an opportunity to meet and speak at length with the Reverend Leah Daughtry, the DNC Convention CEO and chief of staff, who then issued credentials to Laroche and some of her Hofstra classmates to the Invesco Field where Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

LaRoche believes that young people should be excited about the forthcoming election and her fellow Hofstra students should be enthusiastic about the debate here. “We have the opportunity, through our votes, to influence the course our country will take for the next four years – four years during which we will be graduating and searching for jobs and making lives for ourselves. It’s important that we have a say in our future and having the debate on campus will hopefully help more students realize that they should be involved.”

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