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Barbara J. Stark

Professor of Law


LLM, 1989, Columbia University; JD, 1976, New York Univ (NYU); BA, 1973, Cornell Univ


Barbara Stark received a B.A. from Cornell, cum laude, a J.D. from NYU, and an LL.M. from Columbia. She has published dozens of chapters and articles in the California and UCLA law reviews and the Yale, Stanford, Virginia, Vanderbilt, and Michigan journals of international law, among others. Since joining the Hofstra faculty in 2005, she has published the following books: International Family Law: An Introduction (2005); Global Issues in Family Law (with Ann Estin, 2007); Family Law in the World Community (with Marianne Blair et al., 2nd & 3rd editions, 2009 & 2015); International Law and Its Discontents: Confronting Crisis (ed. 2015, Cambridge); Family Law in New York (with Joanna Grossman, eds. 2016); Human Rights and Children (ed. 2017); and Routledge Handbook on International Family Law (with Jacqueline Heaton, eds. 2019).

Professor Stark has made invited presentations at law schools and professional meetings throughout the world. She was a Distinguished Visiting Professor of International Law at New England School of Law in Boston; the John T. Copenhaver Chair at the University of West Virginia; a Visiting Scholar and an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School. She has also co-taught a course on Human Rights and Gender with Judge John L. Murray of the European Court of Justice at the Aix-Marseille University Law School in Aix en Provence, France and she taught a course on international family law at Doshisha Law School in Kyoto, Japan. She was twice appointed a John DeWitt Gregory Research Scholar, twice appointed a Hofstra Research Fellow, and she has been selected to deliver the Hofstra Distinguished Faculty Lecture. She has served on the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law, and she has served on the executive committees of the AALS Sections of International Law and Family Law. She is a former Chair of the AALS Family Law Section and the Family Law Committee of the International Law Association.

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Books and Chapters

Routledge Handbook on International Family Law (Barbara Stark & Jacqueline Heaton eds., forthcoming 2018)

  • Introduction: International Family Law (with Jacqueline Heaton)
  • Chapt. 2. Divorce
  • Chapt. 11. Adoption

Human Rights and Children (Barbara Stark, ed., Edward Elgar, 2017)

  • Introduction: Children?s Rights Are Human Rights

Family Law in the World Community (with Marianne Blair et al., 2nd ed. 2009, 3rd ed. 2015)

  • Chapt. 4. LBGTQ Relationships
  • Chapt. 13. Reproductive Rights
  • Chapt. 14. Children?s Human Rights Within the Family

Family Law in New York (Barbara Stark & Joanna Grossman, eds. Carolina Academic Press, 2015)

  • Chapt. 2. Marriage
  • Chapt. 6. Maintenance
  • Chapt. 8. Contested Custody, Child Support, Maintenance, and Counsel Fees 

International Law and Its Discontents: Confronting Global Crises (Barbara Stark, ed. Cambridge 2015)

  • Introduction: The Discontents Confront Crises
  • Chapt. 4. The Incredible Shrinking Women

International Family Law in Federal Bench Book on International Law (Diane Amann ed., 2014)

Jam Tomorrow: A Critique of International Economic Law inDistributive Justice and International Economic Law (Chios Carmody et al. eds. 2012)

Reproductive Rights and the Reproduction of Gender in Gender Equality: Dimensions of Women?s Equal Citizenship (Linda McClain & Joanna Grossman eds. Cambridge, 2009)

Rhetoric, Religion, and International Human Rights: ?Save the Children!? in Competing Paradigms of Rights and Responsibilities: Children in the Discourses of Religion and International Human Rights (Martha Fineman ed. 2009)

Women?s Rights in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Human Rights (2009)

The International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and Monitoring in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Human Rights (2009)

Global Issues in Family Law (with Ann Estin, West 2007)

International Law: Impact of on Civil Rights and Liberties in the United States in Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties and Rights (Otis Stephens et al. eds. 2006)

International Family Law: An Introduction(Ashgate Publishing Ltd. 2005)

The ALI Principles on Agreements: ?Fairness? and International Human Rights, in The ALI Principles on Family Dissolution (Cambridge University Press, Robin Wilson, ed. 2005)

International Family Law, in ASIL Guide to Careers in International Law (2004, 2007, 2009)

Negotiating and Drafting a Marital Dissolution Agreement, in Teaching in the Law School Curriculum (Steve Friedland & Gerry Hess, eds. 2004)

Women and Globalization, in Library of International Law Essays (Ashgate Publishing Ltd. 2003)

The Economic Covenant as a Resource for Women in Women?s International Human Rights: A Reference Guide 209-44 (Dorean Koenig & Kelly Askin eds. 2000)

International Human Rights Law, Feminist Jurisprudence and Nietzsche?s ?Eternal Return?: Turning the Wheel in Conscious Acts and the Politics of Social Change 124-46 (Robin L. Teske & Mary Ann T├ętreault eds. 2000)

United States? Ratification of the Other Half of the International Bill of Rights in Human Rights in the United States: Looking Inward and Outward 75-93 (David P. Forsythe ed. 2000)

Introduction to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in The International Human Rights of Women (ABA 1998)

The 'Other' Half of the International Bill of Rights as a Postmodern Feminist Text in Reconceiving Reality: Women's Perspectives on International Law 19-60 (Dorinda Dallmeyer ed. 1993)

Family Law and Gender Bias: Comparative Perspectives (Barbara Stark ed. JAI 1992)

  • Foreword: Rappaccini's Daughters?, xi-xix
  • 'Oedipus Wrecks': Psycho-feminism and Divorce Law, 51-66


Introduction: The Trump Administration and Children?s Human Rights, Fam. Ct. Rev. 317-43 (2018)

Mr. Trump?s Contribution to Women?s Human Rights, 56 ILSA J. Int?l & Comp. L. 317-43 (lead article, 2018)

When Genealogy Matters: Intercountry Adoption, International Human Rights, and Global Neoliberalism, 51 Vand. J. Transn?l. L. 159-210 (2017)

Foreign Fathers, Japanese Mothers, and the Hague Abduction Convention: Spirited Away, 41 UNC J. Int?l L. 761 (2016) (invited symposium article)

Does International Law Really Require the Criminalization of Marital Rape? AJIL Unbound (invited symposium response, April 2016)

How The Age of Rights Became The New Gilded Age: From International Antidiscrimination Law to Global Inequality, 47 Colum. Hum. Rts. L. Rev. 151-97 (2015)

Only in New York: The Geography of Family Law, 29 Wis. J. Gender & L. 21 (2014) (invited paper, for Family Law Symposium in honor of Professor Margo Melli).

State Responsibility for Gender Stereotypes, 17 Iowa J. Race & Gender 333 (2014) (selected by blind, peer-review competition, for Symposium on the State and Gender Equality).)

Marriage Equality, Gender Equality, and the Women?s Convention, 2013 Mich. St. L. Rev.941 (invited paper, for Symposium on Equality in Family Law).

International Law From the Bottom Up: Fragmentation and Transformation, 34U. Pa. J. Int?l L. 687 (2013)

Anti-stereotyping and The End of Men, 92 B. U. L. Rev. Annex 1 (2012)

Transnational Surrogacy and International Human Rights, 18 ILSA J. 369 (2012)

The Internationalization of American Family Law, 24 J.Am. Acad. Matrim. Law. 467 (50th Anniversary Issue, 2012)

The Women?s Convention, Reproductive Rights and the Reproduction of Gender, 18 Duke J. Gender. & L. 261-302 (2011) (invited paper, for Symposium on International Reproductive Rights)

What?s Left? (review of International Law on the Left: Re-examining Marxist Legacies (Susan Marks ed. 2008) 42 Geo. Wash. Int?l L. Rev. 191-215 (2011)

At Last? Ratification of the Economic Covenant as a Congressional-Executive Agreement, 20 Trans?l. L. & Contemp. Prob. 107-142 (2011) (invited paper, for Symposium on the Obama Administration)

Jam Tomorrow: The Limits of International Economic Law, 30B. C. Third World J. 3 (2010) (lead article,30th Anniversary Issue)

Theories of Poverty/ The Poverty of Theory, 2009 BYU L. Rev. 381-425

When Globalization Hits Home: International Family Law Comes of Age, 39 Vand. J. Transn?l L. 551-603 (2006)

Rhetoric, Divorce, and International Human Rights: The Limits of Divorce Reform for the Protection of Children 65 La. L. Rev. 1433-53 (2005)(invited paper, for Symposium on Divorce Reform)

Women, Globalization and Law: A Change of World, 16 Pace J. Int?l L. 333-56 (Sloan Lecture, 2004)

Introduction: Practical Applications and Critical Perspectives in International Family Law, 38 Fam. L. Q. 475 (2004) (Symposium editor and organizer)

The Future of the Fourteenth Amendment: International Law and the Black Heritage Trail, 13 Temple Pol. & Civ. Rts. Rev. 557-81 (2004)(invited paper, for Symposium on the Fourteenth Amendment.)

Baby Girls from China in New York: A Thrice-Told Tale, 2003 Utah L. Rev. 1231-1301

Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop: Social and Political Constructions of Abortion in South Africa, China and Germany, 12 Tex. J. Women & L. 287 (2003) Symposium on Feminist Subversions

Lost Boys and Forgotten Girls: African Refugees, Adoption, and International Human Rights, 22 St. Louis Pub. L. Rev.275-296 (2003) Symposium Issue on Rights of the Child 

Sustainable Development and Postmodern International Law: Greener Globalization, Symposium on Rio + Ten (International Environmental Conference) 27 Wm.& Mary J. Envn?l L. & Policy 137-92 (2002)

After/word(s): ?Violations of Human Dignity? and Postmodern International Law, 27 Yale J. Int?l L. 315-362 (2002)

Pomo Parenting, 80 Ore. L. Rev. 1035-1065 (2001)

Marriage Proposals: From One-Size-Fits-All to Postmodern Marriage Law, 89 Cal. . L. Rev. 1479-1548 (2001)

Domestic Violence and International Law: Good-Bye Earl (Hans, Pedro, Gen, Chou, etc.), Symposium, 47 Loyola L. Rev. 255-82 (2001) reprinted in International Family Law (Ann Estin ed. 2016)

UN Sanctions Against the Taliban: A Feminist Perspective, 95 ASIL Proc. 24-25 (2001)

Women and Globalization: The Failure and Postmodern Possibilities of International Law, 33 Vand. J. Transn'l L. 503-71 (2000)

Bottom Line Feminist Theory: The Dream of a Common Language, 23 Harv. Women's L. J. 227-46 (2000)

Deconstructing the Framers' Right to Property: Liberty's Daughters and Economic Rights, 28 Hofstra L. Rev. 963-1060(2000)

ACUNS Workshop (Postmodern International Law), 98 ASIL Proc. 67-68 (1998)

Exile on Campus, 48 J. Legal Educ. 430-37 (1998)

Guys and Dolls: Remedial Nurturing Skills in Post-Divorce Practice, Feminist Theory and Family Law Doctrine, 26 Hofstra L. Rev. 293-376 (1997)

The Practice of Law as Play, 30 Ga. L. Rev. 1005-1021 (1996)

What We Talk About When We Talk About War, 28 Stan. J. Int?l L. 91-120 (1996)

International Human Rights, Feminist Jurisprudence and Nietzsche?s Eternal Return:Turning the Wheel, 19 Harv. Women?s L. J. 169-199 (1996)

Urban Despair and Nietzsche's 'Eternal Return': From the Municipal Rhetoric of Economic Justice to the International Law of Economic Rights, 28 Vand. J. Transn'l L. 185-237 (1995)

Postmodern Rhetoric, Economic Rights and an International Text: 'A Miracle for Breakfast, 33 Va. J. Int'l L. 433-466 (1993), excerpted in A. D'Amato, International Law Anthology 411-12 (1994)

Economic Rights in the United States and International Human Rights Law: Toward an 'Entirely New Strategy,' 44 Hastings L.J. 79-130 (1992)onceptions of International Peace and Environmental Rights: 'The Remains of the Day,' 59 Tenn. L. R. 651-79 (1992) (organizer, Symposium: Environmental Rights and International Peace with an Introduction by Al Gore)

Nurturing Rights: An Essay on Women, Peace and International Human Rights, 13 Mich. J. Int'l L.144-60 (1991)

Divorce Law, Feminism and Psychoanalysis: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities, 38 UCLA L. Rev.1483-1533 (1991)

Pennies from Heaven: An Expanded Theory of Entitlement for State Court Claimants Under the Civil Rights Fee-Shifting Statutes, 31 Santa Clara L. Rev. 505-68 (1990)

Summer at the Hague, 19 Int'l L. News 18 (1990)

International Family Planning and Human Rights: A Modest Proposal, 18 Den. J. Int'l L. & Pol'y 59-81 (1989)

Burning Down the House: Toward a Theory of More Equitable Distribution, 40 Rutgers L. Rev. 1173-1216 (1988), excerpted in P. Swisher, H. Miller and W. Weston, Family Law: Cases, Materials and Problems 955-57 (1990)

Constitutional Analysis of the Baby M Case, 1 Harv. Women's L.J. 19-52 (1988)

Spousal Support Since the Enactment of No-fault Divorce: Small Change for Women, (1988) Assoc. of Fam. & Council. Ct., 25th Anniversary Program; reprinted at 27 Fam. & Council. Ct. Rev. 59-70 (1989)

Termination of Parental Rights Unenforceable, 119 N.J. L.J. 329 (1987)

Book Reviews

Review, Human Rights and the Global Marketplace (Hope Lewis & Jeanne Woods, 2005), 28 Hum. Rts. Q.515 (2007)

Review, Gender and Human Rights (Karen Knop, ed. 2004) 99 Am J. Int?l L. 947-49 (2005)

Review, International Law: Classic and Contemporary Readings, 93 Am. J. Int'l L. 541-44 (1999)

Review, Paul Hunt, Reclaiming Social Rights, 21 Hum. Rts. Q. 547-52 (1999)

Review, L. Henkin, The Age of Rights, 85 Am. J. Int'l L. 733-35 (1991)

Review, M. Halberstam & E. Defeis, Women's Legal Rights: International Covenants an Alternative to ERA? 12 Women's Rts. L. Rep. 51-57 (1990)

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Course Title Level
LAW 1735 TORTS Graduate
LAW 2841 INT'L FAMILY LAW Graduate
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