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Burton Silverman:
The Humanist Spirit

September 1 - December 16, 2011
Emily Lowe Gallery

The exhibition Burton Silverman: The Humanist Spirit demonstrates the continuing power of the realist tradition in the 21st century. Through Silverman’s use of contemporary realist portraiture, the exhibition examines the commonalities of existence of “everyman”. Burton Silverman is known for his ability to carefully balance formal visual elements in his realistic representations as he captures the very essence of his subjects. Ordinary working people, his primary subjects, are elevated to a stature of dignity and importance, which we rarely see, with the individuality of his sitters as well as the universality of their life experiences evident in each canvas.

Born in 1928, Burton Silverman has painted on his own terms. He has rejected the abstract and conceptual art movements of the mid-20th century to continue to paint in a contemporary version of the 19th century realist style. He has stated, “Very early in life, I fell in love with the landscape of the human face, where all the emotional states of life are to be found.” Through careful observation Silverman captures the humanity evident in his subjects.

Gallery Location and Hours Emily Lowe Hall, South Campus
Tuesday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Burton Silverman, Study in Black & White
Burton Silverman, Study in Black and White, 2006, Oil on panel

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  • Burton Silverman, Chelsea Square

    Burton Silverman, Chelsea Square, 2004, Oil on linen

  • Burton Silverman, Break Time

    Burton Silverman, Break Time, 2011, Oil on linen

  • Burton Silverman, Behind the Scene

    Burton Silverman, Behind the Scene, 2007, Oil on panel

  • Burton Silverman, Alabama Summer

    Burton Silverman, Alabama Summer, 2008, Oil on linen

  • Burton Silverman, Ambivalence

    Burton Silverman, Ambivalence, 2008, Oil on linen

  • Burton Silverman, The Stonemason

    Burton Silverman, The Stonemason, 2009, Oil on linen

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