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Course Descriptions: Strategic Business Management

The Strategic Business Management Concentration
The Strategic Business Management Concentration consists of five cross-disciplinary major concentration courses that will prepare you to have the competitive edge you need to succeed in today's global economy.

Strategic Planning in Marketing
A thorough examination of strategic planning in marketing-the process by which sustainable customer driven competitive advantages are achieved over time by building relationships, offerings, timing, and resources. Particular emphasis placed on planning, integrating, implementing, and analyzing marketing strategies; the context of strategic marketing management within a firm; alternative strategic approaches to marketing; such marketing models as Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy (PIMS); the value chain; benchmarking; customer satisfaction; strategic marketing audits; the global context of strategic marketing; ethical dimensions of marketing strategies; and other key concepts. Individual and group assignments, including a computer simulation.

Information Technology Resource Management
A case-oriented course dealing with the management of information systems and technology in organizations. Topics include strategic use of technology, development of information systems architecture, communications, information highway systems, management of information resources, end user computing, information centers and the human side of systems.

Management of Innovation, Creativity and Design for Sustainability
This course presents theory and practice on the management of innovation, creativity and design for sustainability. It presents basic principles, theories and perspectives on the management of innovation, on the creative process and its interface with the organization, and on the managerial aspects of design. These are framed within the context of an imperative of sustainability, in ecological, economic, ethical and product and service development and delivery.  Current and desirable future practices, major theories, trends and research finding related to innovation, creativity and design for sustainability will be explored.

Strategic Accounting for Managers
A survey course in the strategic use of accounting and tax knowledge with a focus on the analysis, interpretation, and use of this knowledge for business decisions. Topics may include performance evaluation, profitability analysis, business intelligence systems use to leverage accounting information, leveraging interactive data (XBRL) to analyze internal and competitors’ financial data, strategic accounting issues in multinational corporations, and strategic tax planning.

Corporate Financial Policy and Strategic Analysis
A course in corporate financial policy as it relates to strategic decisions. Financial planning for short-term and long-term firm strategies; managing value creation in focused and multi-divisional firms; evaluation of strategic options in capital investment decisions; capital structure decisions for long-term viability and value creation; evaluation of mergers and acquisitions and other corporate restructurings for strategic positioning.