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How do I Apply for Undergraduate Admission?

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First-Year Student

You will graduate from high school in 2024 (regardless of total college credits completed while in high school), or you have graduated from high school but haven't enrolled at a college, university, or any other institution after high school. First-Year candidates may apply as Early Action or Rolling Admission by completing Hofstra's First-Year Student Application for Undergraduate Admission or the Common Application.

Early Action is a nonbinding early application and notification process for the fall semester first-year students only. Students accepted via Early Action are not required to withdraw other college applications but are required to notify Hofstra University of their intentions by May 1.

There are two rounds of Early Action as indicated in the chart.

Rolling Admission candidates are considered on a "rolling basis." While there is no deadline for rolling admission applications, students are encouraged to apply early to receive the fullest consideration. Once an application and all supporting credentials are received, the application is reviewed by our Admission Committee.

Apply for 2024 first-year student admission using the common application » Apply for 2024 rolling Admission »
Application Type Submission Notification Begins
Early Action I November 15th December 15th
Early Action II December 15th January 15th
Rolling Admission Rolling basis February 1st and rolling thereafter

Fresh Start

Transfer Student

You are a high school graduate who has registered or enrolled at a college, university or any other institution after graduating from high school. Hofstra University accepts transfer applications for the fall and spring semesters and are considered on a "rolling basis." While there is no deadline for applications, students are encouraged to apply on or before March 1 for the fall semester and November 15 for the spring semester so as to receive the fullest consideration. We will begin notifying transfer applicants of their admission decisions in mid-November for the spring and late February for the fall, then on a rolling basis thereafter.

Apply to Transfer for 2024 Admission Using the Common Application » Apply to Transfer for 2024 Rolling Admission »

Returning Student

Your decision to return to Hofstra University and complete your degree is commendable. For more information, visit the "Welcome Back" page.

Visiting Student

You are attending college at another institution, but are looking to get ahead by taking classes, typically during your breaks. If you are seeking a degree from Hofstra, you’ll want to apply as a first-year or transfer student.

Apply to be a Visiting Student »


International Student

Hofstra has a rolling admission policy. International students are considered for both September and January admission. Applicants are encouraged to apply by the Early Action Deadlines of November 15 for Early Action I or December 15 for Early Action II.  For rolling admission, it is recommended students apply by May 1 for admission in September, and November 15 for January Admission.

Prospective students should complete our First-Year Student or Transfer Student Application. All other documentation required for the student visa is explained on the button below.

How to Apply as an International Student »
International admission resources and Q&A »

International applicants must provide Hofstra with all final transcripts so that any advanced standing credit can be determined. For example, advanced standing may be awarded for the I.B., the Abitur, "A" level examinations, and other upper-secondary school certificates.

Please note: All records must be accompanied by English translations.

How do I apply for graduate admission?

Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Hofstra University and Northwell Health have partnered to create a medical school that emphasizes early clinical experiences, self-directed learning, and a case-based curriculum.

Hofstra University Graduate Programs

Transform your career with a graduate degree from Hofstra University. Choose from programs covering some of the fastest growing fields in healthcare, business, education, technology, engineering, and the humanities.

Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University

At Hofstra Law, the law is not just something to be studied — it is to be lived.

Proof of High School Completion

Admitted students intending to enroll at the university must submit their final high school transcript or proof of degree (copy of high school diploma) to the Office of Admission. Students are not permitted to begin classes at Hofstra until proof of their high school degree is received. In addition, federal financial aid will not be applied to the student's account until proof of the student's high school degree is received (when applicable).

The admission office will confirm all students' transcripts arrive from a high school with a College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) code, as well as the high school seal and/or signature. If a transcript is from a high school that lacks a CEEB code or seal/signature, the admission office will investigate to confirm the school is recognized by the state department of education or home school association. The admission office may request a copy of the student's diploma at any point in the admission process to verification process. If a diploma is determined invalid, a General Education Development (GED) test may be required for admission consideration.

Hofstra University does not admit students who only complete an Ability To Benefit test with no other proof of high school graduation or college transcript.