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Non-Hofstra University Programs

Hofstra University students are welcome to study abroad in a location of their choice through a non-Hofstra University program that may include application to another American university, a foreign university or an independent study abroad provider.

Many of our students choose to do their fall or spring semester of their junior year abroad.  However, it is also possible to start as early as your second semester of sophomore year or as late as your senior year provided the residency requirement has been waived by your academic dean.

Planning ahead for your semester abroad is crucial to its success.  Meet with your academic adviser early in your college career and express your intentions to study abroad.  Discuss with him/her the feasibility of study abroad in relation to major/minor restrictions/requirements, your academic interests and any other school-related issues.  Talk with students who have returned recently from the program or country in which you are interested and ask them questions about academics, course selection and practical concerns.  Research study abroad programs.  Determine which program/location will best suit your major/minor, academic interests, personal and professional goals and finances.  Attend an informational session that will introduce you to the policies and options related to non-Hofstra University study abroad.

The following websites provide useful information while searching for programs by city, country, language or subject:

Several websites review study abroad programs and may be useful in determining if a program meets your expectations:

Kindly note: Links are provided as a general information resource for general use. The links provided are maintained by their respective organizations and they are solely responsible for their content. Hofstra does not favor one link over the next, nor does Hofstra profit, in whole or in part, from any products or services offered or promoted by any of the web sites whose links appear.

You can also find a list of programs through other American universities and study abroad providers as well as and an AACSB accredited list of programs for Zarb School of Business in Useful Resources on this website.

Non-Hofstra University Programs - Study Abroad

"I have had such a great study abroad experience. I cannot stop glowing, talking about my adventures and the amazing classes I took which enriched my view, knowledge, and opinion of Rome, Italy and Europe. Being able to spend a whole semester abroad in Rome, living across the street from Vatican City and studying such eye-opening subjects in the heart of Rome, I feel as though my college education has become more complete and fulfilled. I learned how to involve myself into a new lifestyle, language and culture. I received an education I could not receive from simply sitting in a classroom. My sense of the world changed and my views expanded. I would definitely recommend anyone to study abroad. You will receive the most out of your college education and gain the best life experience of your life."

-Alex Mantia ’18,  Biology major
Spent Spring 2015 at John Cabot University in Rome

The semester prior to your study abroad:

Schedule a meeting with the Assistant Provost for Study Abroad and Internationalization, 107 Roosevelt Hall, South Campus, early in the semester (September-October).  Discussion and paperwork will include: initial interest in study abroad,  choice of program and location, regulations and permission to study abroad form, financial aid, and method of payment.

Obtain approval for transfer of credit and bring the completed form back to the Office of Study Abroad Programs according to the stated deadlines (The first Monday in November for all spring study abroad and the first Monday in April for all fall study abroad).

Apply directly to the non-Hofstra University study abroad program either as you are obtaining course approvals or immediately after the permission form is completed.

Should you have any questions regarding the study abroad process and semester programs, please contact the Office of Study Abroad Programs at 516-463-4765.