Study Abroad

Please note that due to the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the impact of Coronavirus in our community and around the world, Summer Abroad 2020 has been canceled. We will provide information for future Study Abroad programming as soon as possible.

Summer Abroad 2020

The city of Berlin – with all its culture, history and vibrant city and economic life – is the setting for this three-week study abroad experience, offered by the Department of Comparative Literature and Languages.

Join us in Florence, Italy, aka "the living museum!" Capital of the region of Tuscany and located along the beautiful Arno River, Florence has been a must-see destination for students and travelers for centuries.

Learn about arts and literature in Paris through guided museum visits and explore the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline when you visit the French Riviera.

Explore Dublin and Galway during this 3-week program and discover the art and architecture Ireland has to offer by attending music and film festivals, concerts, and visiting the Atlantic Coast.

Experience Japan in Summer 2020, with a three-week study abroad program based at Tokyo University of Agriculture (Nōdai) and Tokyo Future University where you will learn about Japanese literature and culture. Program includes a brief homestay in Aoki Village, and an overnight in Atami (near Mt. Fuji). Students also have the opportunity to participate in an optional 2-week study tour following the main program. During the program we will visit Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kanazawa and other locations.

Join us in Granada, Spain this summer! Enhance your Spanish language skills;  learn about Spanish and Mediterranean cultural history; immerse yourself in the country’s language and culture while enjoying the hospitality of your host family!

For further information about the program or to obtain an application, please contact the Provost’s Office at 516-463-5400 or via email at