Academic Excellence

Academic Workshops

Step up to Success with our Group Workshops!

The Center for Academic Excellence offers small-group workshops to provide undergraduate students with the foundational tools they need to succeed in their courses. These interactive, hands-on workshops engage students in understanding the factors that influence success and are outlined below.

  • Mindset Matters - We already know that you have what it takes to be a successful student at Hofstra.  So, how do students manage to keep themselves on track academically when there are so many new experiences to navigate?  Come take part in an activity and discussion that will help you better understand how our mindset and behavior impacts our academic success and overall well-being. 
  • Time Management is Life Management - This workshop will show you how to build a balanced, functional schedule using the time-blocking method. We’ll also discuss how to offload your mental to-do list and prioritize your tasks.
  • Goal Setting for Success - We will discuss how setting short- and long-term goals can increase your productivity. We’ll also show you the key to creating realistic goals and strategies that will help you achieve them.
  • Learning Styles and Strategies - We’ll introduce you to a variety of strategies associated with different styles of learning. We’ll demonstrate how a multimodal approach to your learning can help identify a variety of study techniques that suit an individual based on their multiple intelligences.
  • Effective Note-taking - In this workshop we will discuss how to pull out the most important content from your textbooks or lectures. We will identify a variety of strategies to improve your note-taking skills and cut down your study time.
  • Effective Study Strategies - The key to unlocking your learning potential is effective study strategies! We’ll discuss a variety of strategies you can apply to any subject that will not only make your study sessions more impactful but will also make learning fun.
  • Preparing for Tests - Being prepared for your tests takes more than just time.  Learn strategies to help test your knowledge before your exams and use your study time more effectively.

These workshops are for undergraduate students and limited to 15 participants. Advanced registration is required via the Navigate app. Detailed instructions can be found here: How To Sign Up for CAE's Small-Group Workshops. If you are part of a student club or organization and would like to request a large-group workshop, please email us at