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MA and MS in Biology


  • An imaging center with a scanning electron microscope, a laser confocal microscope, fluorescence microscopy, a macroscopic imaging camera and mapping tools for detailed analysis of samples at resolutions ranging from atomic to global.
  • A tissue culture laboratory for the study of transport across membranes of cancer cells.
  • Camera traps, tagging systems and mapping software that are part of wildlife conservation programs focusing on native turtle, fish, shellfish and tree populations.
  • Modern microbiology equipment, including a liquid handling robot, for the study of transport across bacterial membranes. This project is designed to lead to new targets for antibiotics.
  • Three types of soil analysis equipment for the study of physical and microbiological characteristics of local salt marshes, sand dunes and vineyard soils.
  • Sectioning equipment to study neurotransmitter localization in vertebrate brains.
  • Regular and Quantitative PCR equipment and bioinformatics software for the analysis of large data sets of DNA and RNA sequences.
  • A neurophysiology lab for recording intracellular and extracellular electrophysiological activity of single neurons and small neural networks.
  • An animal facility that houses fish, aquatic invertebrates, birds, reptiles and mammals.
  • Two rooftop greenhouses