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M.A. & M.S. in Biology


  • Biology research labs were renovated in 2010-2012 and include laminar flow hoods, chemical fume hoods, chemical safety cabinets, multiple 70°C freezers, refrigerators and freezers (regular and non-frost free), enclosed storage cabinets, and desk areas, darkrooms, a greenhouse, a PCR room and five darkrooms, as well as sympodiums with integrated computers for presentations and display from peripheral devices such as laptops, microscopes, dissecting scopes, and videos.
  • The electron microscopy facility is equipped with ultramicrotomes, critical point dryer, ion beam sputtering unit, darkroom, and a Hitachi model S 2460N SEM with computer workstations.
  • The University maintains a state licensed animal care facility in the same building as the Department of Biology. The facility is approved for the maintenance of rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.
  • High speed wireless and wired internet access is available throughout the building. Peripherals include laser printers, scanners, and frame grabber hardware. Software for DNA sequence and phylogenetic analyses is on-site.
  • Major equipment items are: thermocyclers, Beckman ultraspeed and superspeed centrifuges, tabletop refrigerated centrifuges, liquid N2 freezers, new UV-VIS spectrophotometers, analytical balances, water baths, pH meters, microELISA readers, gel electrophoresis apparati and power supplies, water purification system, digital gel photography equipment with UV transilluminator, scintillation counter, light microscopes with cameras (inverted, phase, fluorescence, Nomarski, dark field), high-speed video equipment.