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Biology Seminar Series

The Department of Biology at Hofstra University invites you to the Hofstra University Biology Seminar Series. The seminars are open to the public, and we encourage all members of the scientific community to attend, especially biology students.

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Department of Biology Seminar Schedule
Spring 2018

Seminars are held on Fridays at 3:30 p.m. in 210 C.V. Starr Hall. Refreshments are available at 3:15 pm. Dr. Jason Williams (email) is the coordinator this semester



Feb 2

Organizational Meeting

Feb 9

Dr. Roche de Guzman

Hofstra University

Department of Engineering & Applied Science

“Growth Factor and Bioglass Substrate Additives for Bone Tissue Formation”
Feb 16 Dr. Alyssa Liguori

Stony Brook

Department of Ecology and Evolution

"Multigenerational Responses to pH in Different Populations of the Copepod Tigriopus californicus"

Mar 2 Dr. Wendy McFarlane

Manhattanville College

Department of Biology

"Turtles Near and Far: Studying Endangered Sea Turtles in Long Island and on the Caribbean Island of Barbuda"
Mar 9 Asma Madad


Coordinated Outbreak Response & Evaluation Network (CORE) Response Team 2

"The "F" Stands for Food: FDA's Role in Outbreak Response and Prevention"

Mar 30 Juliette Gorson

The City University of New York Graduate Center:

Hunter College

“To Be or Not To be Venomous: Diversification Patterns, Gut Characterization, and Comparative Transcriptomics in the Auger Snails”
Apr 6  Dr. Stephanie Groman

Yale School of Medicine

"Proteomic Insights into the Pathophysiology of Addiction"

Apr 20

Dr. Nicole Chodkowski

Radford University

Biology Department

“Parasite Communities and the Effects of Parasites on Freshwater Animal Ecology"

Apr 27

Dr. Andrew David

Clarkson University

Department of Biology

“Understanding Marine Invasions through Seascape Genetics: Current Advances and Challenges” 

May 4

Dr. Jeremy Feinberg

National Museum of Natural History & Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

James Smithson Fellowship Program 
Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan Fellow

"Hiding in Metropolis: Connecting Amphibian Declines to the Unexpected Discovery of New Species in New York City"

Information for Speakers

We look forward to seeing you at Hofstra.

The audience will be masters and undergraduate biology students, biology faculty and occasionally faculty from other departments with ties to biology (like biochemists or paleontologists). The majority of the audience will not be familiar with your particular specialty. Usually the number of people is fairly small. Some of the students attend the seminars for credit and are required to turn in abstracts of the talk, so those students typically take many notes.

Seminars begin at 3:30 (refreshments at 3:15) and most speakers talk for about 45-50 minutes. There is also plenty of time for questions.