Comparative Literature and Languages

4-Year Program Plans in the Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics

CLL is the academic home for a variety of majors, including Comparative Literature, Classics, Chinese Language, Chinese Studies, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Japanese studies, Russian, and Asian Studies and Linguistics. Comparative Literature is also the home of the Graduate Programs in Linguistics: Forensic Linguistics. Many of the classes that count for our majors also count towards the language requirement or distribution requirements. For links to sample 4-year plans in each of the majors, please click (active) links below. (Additional links will be made available.) In most of our majors, it is possible to expedite progress through the major by study abroad, or through taking classes in the summer or in the January term. The four-year plans below should be considered model; students should consult with their departmental advisor because course offerings may vary from semester to semester.

*Proposed effective dates, Fall 2013