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European Studies

European Studies at Hofstra University is an interdisciplinary program currently available as a minor to undergraduate students. Courses in European Studies would benefit students preparing to pursue careers in government, foreign affairs, international business, education and translation, as well as students planning to earn advanced degrees in European Studies, and European Union Studies and Law.

Europe is understood in a broad context including: West, East, Central, and Southern Europe, as well as Russia and the Confederation of Independent States. Studying European politics, history, languages, economics and culture gives students a better understanding of the foundations of western civilization and the linkage Europe has with the rest of the world. European economic and political integration, the expansion of NATO, and new forms of globalization reshaped the role of Europe on the world stage, making it an arena of particular current interest.

In addition to the wide variety of courses available for European Studies on campus students may also participate in Hofstra's European study abroad offerings which include opportunities to spend January or part of the summer in Greece, United Kingdom, Italy (two programs—Venice and Sorrento), Germany, France, Ireland and Spain. Additionally Hofstra offers a unique program called the European Odyssey, which allows students to travel for 10 weeks throughout Western and Eastern Europe.