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Political Science Goals and Learning Objectives

Students will acquire a working knowledge of the American political system. This will include gaining an understanding of the nation’s political institutions, political culture, and political ideologies, as well as how public policy is decided upon and implemented.

Students will come to understand that there are various types of political systems around the world, and that these may differ from each other with regard to their individual political institutions, political culture, political ideologies, and public policies.

Students will learn about the concepts, theories, and data needed to comprehend the interactions of nations that constitute international relations, and the nature of such global institutions as the United Nations, regional alliances, and international law.

Students will become aware of the crucial questions raised by classical and contemporary political philosophers, and of some of the solutions proposed by them to answer fundamental questions about the role of politics in human life.

Students will come to understand the means of inquiry in the social sciences generally, and in political science in particular. This will include an understanding of how knowledge about politics and government is generated by political scientists working within their discipline.

Students will be prepared to take entry level jobs in the public or private sector or to undertake graduate study, whether academic (e.g., master’s or doctoral programs in political science) or professional (e.g., law or public administration).