Sikh Studies

Sikh Studies Programs

The Religion major or minor with a concentration on Sikh Studies

At Hofstra, majoring or minoring in Religion is very flexible. You can tailor your study to focus on a vocational area or a particular tradition, or you can just choose courses that expose you to a diversity of religious traditions.

If you choose to major or minor in Religion with an emphasis in Sikh Studies, you will find that other courses in the department and across the university complement these offerings. Please consult Dr. Balbinder Singh Bhogal, Sardarni Kuljit Kaur Bindra Chair in Sikh Studies, for more information.

Courses taught by Professor Bhogal:

RELI 015 – (CC) Introduction to Eastern Religious Traditions
RELI 016 – (CC, HP) Religions of India
RELI 019 – (CC) Introduction to Buddhism
RELI 036 – (CC, HP) Modern Gurus: Yoga and Selling Spirituality
RELI 040 – (CC, HP) Yoga, Psychology & Health
RELI 075 – (CC) Mysticism and the Spiritual Quest
RELI 103 – (CC) Warrior Saints: An Introduction to the Sikh Religion
RELI 104 – (CC, HP) Buddhist Thought
RELI 130 – (HP) Thinking Mysticism: Sex and Power
RELI 157 – (CC) Sikh Mysticism
RELI 160 – (HP) Religion, Secularism and Conflict Resolution

Students may also be interested in Hofstra's offerings in Sikh musicology
MUS 017 - (AA, CC) Introduction to the Sikh Musical Tradition