Catching Up With Aman Luthra ‘19
Technology Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Aman Luthra ‘19

MS, Computer Science
BS, Computer Science with a Concentration and Leadership and Innovation in Computing

Were you always interested in computer science?

Yes, no question. I always wanted to learn how to develop software and am very happy I chose Hofstra and got to learn and be challenged every step of the way.

What programs at Hofstra that helped you identify your career goals?

Dr. Xiang Fu and I started the Facebook Program at Hofstra and I believe that really helped define my career goals in both cybersecurity and software development. Having the opportunity to interact with engineers from major tech companies such as Google, Apple Microsoft and Facebook really gave us a valuable perspective on the industry and how we can make an impact on it.

Was there a professor, mentor or administrator who inspired you?

I worked with Dr. Xiang Fu for five years both as a research assistant and a teaching assistant in addition to numerous research projects.  I am so grateful for Dr.Fu’s guidance.  I don’t feel like I would have landed my current position without all his dedication and hard work and the support I received from the department overall.

You’re currently enrolled in the MS in Computer Science program and received the Presidential Scholarship. What did this recognition mean to you?

The Presidential Scholarship was a tremendous honor and it made it a much easier choice to advance my education at Hofstra. It really made the MS in CS more affordable and attainable.

What career trends do you see for students interested in pursuing Computer Science related careers?

Besides the standard ones like blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, the biggest trend seems to be just clean code. I think the industry has realized how much of a struggle it can be to not have clean code and I know several major companies (tech and non-tech) that are definitely making that a priority moving forward.

What career advice do you have for current students?

Be open to anything. You never know where your skills will fit best in an organization.