Catching Up With Dr. Steven Lindo ’89, ’95

Dr. Steven Lindo, who earned both a BS and MS in Computer Science from Hofstra, currently works for Wolters Kluwer, a global information services and publishing company that provides products and services for professionals in the health, tax, accounting, corporate, financial services, legal and regulatory sectors

Were you always interested in computer and technology? What made you decide to attend Hofstra?

I was always interested in computers.  In high school I took my first programming class, and it was a natural fit for me.  Hofstra was my first choice because it offered computer science as a major with a business option.  I felt that it would be the right complement of technology and business applications.

Steven Lindo

What activities were you involved with as an undergraduate student?

As an undergraduate I played a lot of intramural sports and hung out in the Rathskeller [a Hofstra dining facility]. The soccer games and basketball games were fun rain or shine.  It was always packed in the Rathskeller. The food didn’t look good, but it tasted great.

Are there any professors who served as mentors to you during your years as an undergraduate and graduate student?

My Algorithms professor [Thomas Parsons] was my favorite. For his class I spent most of my time in Calkins Lab writing code and testing, and waiting on VAX printouts.

What are your responsibilities at Wolters Kluer?

Currently I am the Director of Platform Technologies in the GPO [Global Platform Organization] where I am responsible for researching new technologies, harvesting new capabilities, and implementing them as platform competencies. I lead the Data Analytics and Insights team whose goals are focused on improving the platform in the areas of: Search, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing.

Although technology has changed tremendously since you were a Hofstra student, what career advice would you give current students majoring in computer science?

Technology has changed dramatically since I graduated and no doubt will continue to transform businesses and industries.  The exciting news for technology professionals is that it will continue to create new opportunities for everyone in the field.  Big Data Analytics is the most recent example giving growth to the data analysts, and data scientists.  Going forward, new areas like “The Internet of Things” and Software Defined Networks [SDN] will do the same. 

My advice to students is to learn as much as they can so that they are well read in technology and always think about or look for the application.  I think students in Computer Science or any technology field have a bright future ahead.