Entrepreneurship in Computing at Hofstra

About Entrepreneurship in Computing at Hofstra

This program was funded by NSF 0829641/0829656 Collaborative Research: CPATH TI: Project EXCE2L (Excellence in Computer Education with Entrepreneurship and Leadership Skills) award to Hofstra University and Stony Brook University.

This project aims at introducing entrepreneurial education to computing students. Computing is a continuously changing, innovative field, with many entrepreneurial opportunities. It needs computing graduates who are able to integrate their technical side with a good understanding of how high-tech businesses start and grow in a global economy. We hope to accomplish this goal via a number of activities and programs described below:

Seminars in Entrepreneurship

Seminars in Entrepreneurship are given by local, successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, patent lawyers. They are an excellent way for all students in Computer Science and Computer Engineering to be exposed to what entrepreneurs do to identify ideas as business opportunities and to transform their ideas into a product and a successful company.

Programs in Entrepreneurship

Motivated majors in Computer Science or Computer Engineering can enroll in either the Concentration in Leadership and Innovation (CLIC) or Option in Leadership and Innovation (OLIC). Students in CLIC/OLIC will learn to identify innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities in computing and will have the knowledge to move from idea to a product and to a small company. CLIC/OLIC targets students who either aspire to become entrepreneurs or who want to work in a dynamic, innovative start-up environment, where knowledge of how entrepreneurs and small companies work is an asset.

Internships with High-Tech Start-Ups

This one-semester course is part of both CLIC and OLIC. Students will do 10-13 week long internships with local high-tech start-ups during which they will be mentored by entrepreneurs in all aspects of working, managing and organizing a start-up. They will gain hands-on experience with what it means to work effectively in a start-up and to manage it.

Entrepreneurial Senior Design Project

This two semester course is part of both CLIC and OLIC. Seniors will conclude their experience in Computing Entrepreneurship by implementing an innovative and entrepreneurial idea. They will have the opportunity to work on their project in global teams (GE-Teams) with students from other universities and from international universities. This will represent an excellent exposure to the challenges of a global economy, to those of managing a project across borders, all familiar aspects in today’s world economy.

For more information please contact Dr. Simona Doboli