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Tuition & Fees

Research has shown that investment in a quality MBA program pays off in the long run with significantly higher salaries and better opportunities for career development and growth.

The Hofstra Online MBA program is priced competitively and is available as a package which includes the cost for the courses, and the costs for the two residencies and the foreign trip. Apart from the courses, the residencies and the foreign trip add significant value to the program and to your degree. With the global Strategic Business Management focus, you will get the knowledge you need to progress in your career.

Graduated payment options are provided during the duration of your program. For questions on the payment options, please contact:

Dr. Kaushik Sengupta
Executive Director, Online MBA Program
126 Weller Hall
(516) 463-7825

Fall 2017 Cohort Fees




Program Cost

$76,600 for the 2-year cohort program.

(See Payment Options for graduated schedule and non-cohort based options*)

The program cost includes the cost of all courses, the two residencies and the Global Practicum. Costs of the residencies cover all expenses during residencies including room and board. Transportation, room and board costs for the Global Practicum are included.
The only costs not covered are the costs of transportation to the two residencies.

Initial Deposit


If you are admitted in the program, this initial deposit is due within two (2) weeks of the notification of your acceptance. The deposit reserves your place in the program and allows us to proceed with the plans for including you in the first residency.
This initial deposit is applied to your tuition for the first semester, and is non-refundable if you decide to withdraw later.

*Note that you can start the program in the cohort option only. You have to be in this cohort for at least the first semester of your program. Depending on contingencies, you can change to a non-cohort option after the first semester. The non-cohort option will take you longer to complete the program and will be based on your schedule of taking the courses, decided under advisement. The graduated payment option will also vary if you opt for the non-cohort option after joining the program.

Costs shown are for the 2017-2019 cohort and are subject to change for subsequent years' cohorts.