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Hofstra Student Managed Investment Fund
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SMIF Portfolio Overview

The Hofstra SMIF began operations in the Fall 2016 semester.  After rigorous screening and research the construction of the SMIF equity portfolio began with investments made on December 2, 2016. Over the period from December 2, 2016 through May 17, 2017 the overall SMIF equity portfolio earned a 9.80% time-weighted return with portfolio beta of 0.97. This exceeded the benchmark Russell 3000 Index that increased by 7.03% over the same holding period. The SMIF equity portfolio also outperformed the S&P 500 (9.8% vs. 7.53%) over the same time-period. Some notable holdings of the SMIF equity portfolio over the Fall and Spring semester are listed below. The analyst(s) conducting the research and making the recommendations are also provided.

hundred dollar bill
Company (Stock)Returnvs.*S&P 500%Analyst(s)
Avery Dennison Corp (AVY) 16.55%   7.53% Dylan Bower
Dow Chemicals (Dow) 9.81%   7.53% Agne Rakauskas
Avery Dennison Corp (AVY) 51.49%   7.53% Hang Zhou
Boeing (BA) 18.76%   7.53% Chen Qi
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) 13.83%   7.53% Xiaofei Wang
Yum!Brands Inc. (YUM) 11.12%   7.53% Shujat Khan
Clorox (CLX) 9.28%   3.34% Agne Rakauskas
National Health Investors (NHI) 2.57%   0.42% Sandy Rittenhouse/Michael Lockwood
Shire PLC- ADR  (SHPG) 2.54%   0.70% Sandy Rittenhouse/Michael Lockwood
Home Depot (HD) 4.39%   0.36% Shujat Khan/Dylan Bower
Telefonica, S.A. (TEF) 18.35%   4.06% Kevin Tripp/Adam Zuckerbrod

*Individual returns are benchmarked against the S&P 500 returns over the same holding period.

The Hofstra SMIF analysts would also like to thank the SMIF Supervisory Board for their work. The Supervisory Board is comprised of Trustee Frank G. Zarb, Professor and Finance Department Chair K.G. Viswanathan, Professor Ahmet Karagozoglu, Professor Ron Frank and Chairperson of the Board and Dean of the Zarb Business School Herman Berliner. The SMIF analysts are also grateful for the support and guidance provided by Hofstra Treasurer Catherine Hennessy. The time spent with the members of the SMIF by Trustees Robert Rosenthal  and Martin Greenberg is very much appreciated and valued.

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