International Admission

Estimated Costs

The following amounts are a breakdown of costs with included fees for one year of Undergraduate programs, Graduate Business programs, and all other Graduate Programs. Financial documents totaling all expenses for one year will be required for I-20 issuance.

Any merit scholarship that you receive can be combined with financial documentation to meet this required amount. 

The combined total for each program can be found at the top of each column.

Fall 2023 Estimated number


Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Programs)

Zarb School of Business (Graduate Programs)

All other Graduate Programs

*(Estimated) Total Cost for One Year
(Required amount on financial documents for I-20 issuance)




Additional amount required per dependent:


Breakdown of Total Costs:

Full-time one academic year Tuition and Fees (GR based on 9 credits per semester)








University Fee (GR based on 9 credits)



Technology Fee  (GR based on 9 credits)



Activity Fee  (GR based on 9 credits)



Living Expenses:



Room/housing (high-rise double room for undergraduate and graduate hall double room for graduate)



Residence Life Fee


Board/meals (level 5 plan for undergraduate and plan 2 for graduate student)



Other Expenses:  (Personal&Insurance&Books&Transportation)


Health insurance (full year)


Books and supplies


Incidentals, including transportation