Virtual Tour

Take a Guided Virtual Tour

What's the best way to experience Hofstra? Visit our campus and take a look around. Want to see more right now? Check out our guided virtual tour, along with campus videos, 360-degree photo tours, and more.

Explore your virtual tour using any desktop, tablet, or mobile browser. If you have a virtual reality viewer (like Google Cardboard), you can visit our suburban New York campus using Virtual Reality.

Get Virtual

Dive into your virtual tour at Hofstra in three easy steps.

Step 1

Download the YouVisit VR Showcase app onto your phone.

You can find your virtual tour of Hofstra in the VR Showcase app, available on iOS and Android:

Download in the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Step 2

Open the app and place your phone into your mobile VR headset or Google Cardboard. Choose the menu icon (a circle with three dots) and navigate to Education>H>Hofstra University.

Step 3

Take a look around. See inside our labs, visit the residence halls, and check out the production studios. Discover why Hofstra is the right choice for you.

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