Martin B. Greenberg

Trading Room

The Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room at the Frank G. Zarb School of Business is one of the largest academic trading rooms in the nation with 34 Bloomberg Professional terminals.

Students have access to this state-of-the-art facility with technology used by leading financial institutions through our Student Management Investment Fund, courses, competitions, and research projects. Learn in the Trading Room as you access and analyze financial and economic data, apply analytical methods, conduct interactive trading simulations, and develop financial models to gain knowledge about corporate finance, investments, risk management, quantitative finance, and trading.

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The workstations within the Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room are equipped with the latest financial software and databases:

  • Bloomberg Professional software
  • MATLAB & Financial Toolboxes
  • WRDS - Wharton Research Data Services
  • RiseDisplay software

Tools of the Trade


Our students learn using the latest financial technology within our Trading Room.

  • 34 IBM ultra-small form factor computers
  • 34 Bloomberg dual-flat panel monitors and Bloomberg Professional keyboards
  • RiseDisplay technology including:
    • Two multicolor tickers (one inside and one outside the Trading Room)
    • 98-inch financial data display
  • Multicamera Advanced Lecture Capture System
  • Wireless presentation capability
  • Two 100-inch ultra LED displays
  • Live digital television feed with coverage of financial news services such as Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and CNN
  • Dedicated breakout space for the Student Managed Investment Fund with:
    • 86-inch Annotative SMART display
    • Two 80-inch collaborative displays for group work

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Martin B. Greenberg


Martin B. Greenberg '60 retired his trading room jacket in a ceremony at the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. Learn More About Martin B. Greenberg

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Academic Co-Director

Edward J. Zychowicz, Ph.D., CFA, CMT
Professor of Finance
Lawrence A. Stessin Distinguished Professor in Business
Chief Faculty Advisor of the SMIF at Hofstra University

Na (Nina) Wang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance

Technical Co-Director

Brian Caligiure
Senior Associate Dean