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Gain knowledge and insight to set yourself apart. Travel the world and learn business from international faculty and executives. See a change within yourself as you experience, first-hand, how culture shapes business. We offer life-changing global experiences that you can take advantage of as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Our Programs

Find a global experience that fits in with your academic goals and wanderlust. We offer programs that allow you to learn first-hand about business not only in countries around the world, but at Hofstra as well. We offer a course on global entrepreneurship, a dual-degree program with a partner institution in China, and semester-long study abroad programs.

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International Entrepreneurship Consulting Course

Gain hands-on experience and serve global communities through our innovative entrepreneurship course that provides a real-life international consulting experience.

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Exchange Programs

Foster your personal and academic growth with one of our study abroad programs as you satisfy degree requirements. Challenge yourself in a new environment as you meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, developing lifelong friendships and learning inside and outside the classroom.

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Global Practicum

Whether you are enrolled in our Executive MBA or Online MBA program, you will enhance your graduate education through our Global Practicum. Travel to an international destination while learning about business on a global scale. 

Undergraduate Programs

Study Abroad
We offer programs around the world at the following universities:

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

International Entrepreneurship Consulting Course
As an undergraduate or graduate student of any major or program, you will learn about global entrepreneurship in the classroom and then travel during spring break with classmates to work with local entrepreneurs. Past cohorts visited South Africa, Israel, Ireland, and South Korea. You will study the global economy, analyzing the political, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors facing small businesses. Arrive at your destination and work with local entrepreneurs abroad to help develop practical solutions to their business problems. You will examine the cultural context and challenges they face.

Graduate Programs

As a student in our Executive MBA program, you will benefit from our Global Practicum, gaining hands-on experience and exploring the world while learning about global economies. Our Online MBA program also features a Global Practicum during which students learn about global strategy and travel internationally.

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