Office of Certification and Educational Support Services

Directions on Applying for New York State Certification

The following directions are for Hofstra candidates completing, or who have completed, one of Hofstra University's NYS registered programs that lead to New York State Certification. In addition to applying on TEACH, candidates must submit an Institutional Recommendation Request form to the Office of Educational Support Services at Hofstra University. If you are not certain that you are eligible for an institutional recommendation for certification, or you have any questions regarding certification, please email

Applying for New York State Certification on TEACH

  • Create your TEACH online account by going to→TEACH online system→self-registration and follow the directions. NOTE: If you already have an account created for a previous certification or if you paid for fingerprinting online, do NOT create a second account. If you have problems with TEACH, please call 518-486-6041.
  • Once you're logged into TEACH, click TEACH online services to bring you to your homepage.
  • Go to “Apply for a Certificate.”
  • Read the directions and then click 'Next' on the bottom of the page.
  • You will need to update your educational Information:
    • Hofstra University - Main
    • Degree (list of programs and degrees are attached)
    • Program (list of programs and degrees are attached)
    • Fill in your graduation date, start date, completion date (exact dates are not necessary) and the number of credits
    • List each degree you are receiving, click Submit
  • If you are applying for Professional/Permanent certification, you will need to add your work experience to show three years of teaching (two years for permanent). For Professional, make sure your mentoring form has been sent to the State Education Department from your school district.
  • Once your personal, educational, and work information are all updated, click 'Next,' then:
    • Enter in your Area of Interest,* subject, grade level, and title.
  • Once you enter your certificate title and click Submit, enter in your program code. Check “Program titles and Codes” or “Finding your program code.”
  • After your code is entered, click Submit and verify and select the program and certification listed.
  • You will then be led back to the previous page. Review the certification title and click 'Next' on the bottom of the page.
  • You will then be asked if you want the state to evaluate you. Click the Radial button to proceed.
  • You will need to answer the Child Support and Moral Character questions, and then click to sign the application.
  • Verify your certificate title ($50 each), and then click to sign the application.
  • Print out your Application Transaction Summary (it can be used for interviews until the certificate is issued).
  • Pay online with VISA or MasterCard and print out your receipt.
  • Once you've paid, if you're in a dual program and applying for a second certification, go to the top of the page for TEACH Home and repeat the process. You do NOT need to reenter your educational information.

*General Science, Severe Disabilities, and 5-6 extensions/annotations are listed under "Classroom Teacher Extensions." Bilingual and Gifted are listed under "Other Extensions." School Psychologist, School Counselor, and SBL/SDL/SDBL are listed under "Administration and PP Services." Coordinator of Work-Based Learning extensions are listed under "Career and Technical Teacher." All other certification titles are under "Classroom Teacher" or "Classroom Teacher - Foreign Languages."