Chapter 180 of the Laws of 2000, the Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE), require that applicants for teaching, administrative, and public services personnel certification, and prospective employees of covered schools (school districts, charter schools, and BOCES), undergo fingerprint-supported criminal history background checks. However, many school districts and institutions across the New York metropolitan area are now requiring that all student teachers, observers, and interns or externs receive fingerprint clearance before they are placed in educational settings that are required for their degree programs. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for fingerprint clearance upon acceptance to the program.

Fingerprinting services are provided by MorphoTrust. Candidates can register for fingerprinting by going to the MorphoTrust website at or calling 877-472-6915.

Candidates must use the Service Code or URL below to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.

Please do one of the following to schedule a fingerprinting appointment:

  1. Click on and enter the appropriate service code from this table:
    Certification 14ZGQT
  2. Click on the appropriate URL from this table below:
  3. You may call MorphoTrust at 877-472-6915 to schedule an appointment.

    The fingerprint application fee total is: $100.25

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit

All students are required to be cleared for fingerprinting for all field placements and New York state Certification. Fingerprint clearance from other states will NOT be accepted by the New York State Education Department.