Forensic Science

Forensic scientists apply the natural sciences to matters of both criminal and civil law. It is a complex and diverse discipline that contains many areas of specialization, including Forensic Chemistry, DNA Analysis, Crime Scene Investigation, Microscopy and Trace Evidence Analysis.

The Forensic Science program is part of the Department of Chemistry, and it integrates a strong chemistry core curriculum with forensic science application courses. Faculty from various disciplines, such as chemistry, biochemistry, biology, law and criminology work with Forensic Science faculty. Many of the latter are currently working in the field. They bring their years of professional expertise to the classroom and laboratory. Our laboratories feature state-of-the-art instrumentation – equipment universally found in modern forensic laboratories, industrial and institutional facilities. Advanced laboratory classes are limited in size to maximize interaction with the professor and to ensure proficiency in the presented theories and techniques.

Students can engage in different forensic activities and join the Forensic Science Student Organization, CSI Hofstra. Students also have the opportunity to conduct research to help advance and improve forensic testing, and to participate in an internship in off-campus locations offering forensic laboratory services, usually a law enforcement or government facility. The internship provides exposure to actual workplace settings where the student will employ the skills learned in their forensic science training.

Graduates of the program are employed in crime laboratories, law enforcement agencies and analytical sciences laboratories, or are in graduate programs or medical/pharmacy school.

Forensic Science
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Dr. Deborah Silva
Director of Forensic Science Program
Chemistry Department
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