Lister Endowed Fellowship

Dr. Bruce and Doris Lister Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry Research

Annual Summer Program


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1. Program Description
The Dr. Bruce and Doris Lister Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry Research was established in 2013 to support undergraduate research by Hofstra University chemistry, biochemistry, and forensic science students. Lister Fellows conduct research during the summer term with a Hofstra Chemistry faculty mentor. Fellows are chosen on the basis of academic achievement, research potential, and demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in science research. The research period spans 10 weeks of the summer, with dates selected by mutual agreement between the faculty mentor and the student. The program provides all Fellows with 50% discounted housing in the Hofstra residence halls for the duration of the research project plus a $4,000 stipend. If a Fellow also registers for research credit during the summer, additional housing funds are provided.

2. Eligibility and Requirements
Students wishing to become Lister Fellows must be in the sophomore or junior year at time of application and must obtain the recommendation of their preferred mentor. Juniors who were Lister Fellows in a prior year must reapply for the next year. Application forms will be made available in January and must be submitted no later than March 1. Recipients will be notified by March 15 and must sign an official acceptance letter within one week of notification. Lister Fellows may not take non-research classes or engage in other campus employment during the research period, to allow for full-time effort toward their scholarly work. At the completion of the program, Lister Fellows must produce a written report of their research and participate in a public presentation of their work during the Hofstra University Honors College poster session that takes place in December.

3. Selection Criteria
Lister Fellows will be selected from among the pool of applicants each year. Applicants will complete the application form and provide a proposed plan of research, an official transcript, and the signature of the proposed faculty mentor. Late applications will not be accepted. The applicant’s chemistry GPA must be at least 3.4 (and overall GPA 3.2) to be considered for this program. The research plan should be no longer than one page and must be approved by the proposed faculty mentor. The number of awards each year will vary depending on the quality of the applications and the research capacity of the department. Lister Fellows must make a written commitment to participate in the program within one week following notification of the award. Unclaimed fellowships may be awarded to other deserving applicants. 

4. Selection Committee
A committee of three to five chemistry, biochemistry, and/or forensic science faculty will review the applications and identify candidates to participate in the program. The committee will recommend candidates and alternates to the dean of HCLAS, who will make the final designations of Lister Fellows. Membership of the selection committee will rotate periodically and must include research-active faculty. 

5. Poster Session
Following the summer research experience, Lister Fellows are required to participate in the Hofstra University Honors College poster session that will take place in December of the same year. Lister Fellows will produce a written report in the form of a poster, including background, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions that can be drawn from the research. It is fully anticipated that the research may be a work-in-progress, so the poster should include the future directions of the project.

6. Dates and Deadlines

  • Early January: Click here for application form
  • March 1: Applications due: application form, 1-page research proposal, official transcript(s).
  • March 15: Award offers announced
  • March 22: Signed letter of commitment due
  • Summer Sessions I, II and III: 10 weeks of research, arranged with mentor
  • Early December: Hofstra University Honors College poster session

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