Student Organizations

The Department of Chemistry has two active student organizations: SMACS (Student Members of the American Chemical Society) and CSI Hofstra. These clubs organize participation in both community outreach and social events. Please see below for more information.

Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS)

The Student Members of the American Chemical Society is a national organization for undergraduate students interested in chemical sciences, including fields such as biochemistry, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, environmental chemistry, forensic sciences, and the allied health professions. SMACS members who join the national chapter enjoy many benefits. Members receive four issues of Chemistry, an ACS publication that highlights careers, graduate schools, and professional programs. In addition, members are able to contact the ACS Department of Career Services to ask for assistance in preparing their resume or for other career advice.

Hofstra University's chapter of SMACS sponsors a number of activities every semester that are intended to help students interested in chemical science fields prepare for their future careers. Every month during the academic year, SMACS hosts a speaker from the industry, a government laboratory, or graduate school to present their research as well as information about science-related careers, graduate programs, and research opportunities. We also organize outreach projects, including hands-on demonstrations for children from local school districts.

SMACS Calendar

Chemistry End of Year Dinner

2021-2022 SMACS Officers:

  • President – Nathaniel Huff
  • Vice President – Niralee Rana
  • Secretary – Sam Gong

Advisors for SMACS

  • Dr. Kara Jaremko
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    Room 106E Berliner Hall
  • Dr. Daniel Miller
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    Room 106F Berliner Hall

CSI Hofstra

CSI Hofstra is a student-run campus organization for forensic science majors and forensic science enthusiasts. We host weekly meetings where we present interesting topics, such as techniques and methods of analysis, profiles of cases, and profiles of serial killers. Some of the meetings are also centered around watching and discussing documentaries, television shows, or movies. Members have the opportunity to attend the NEAFS (Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists) annual meeting every fall. The club also hosts multiple events throughout the year such as mock crime scenes, holiday activities, museum trips, and escape rooms. In the spring, we host a murder mystery dinner. In addition to our own activities, CSI Hofstra collaborates with other on-campus organizations to bring an array of events to our members.

CSI Hofstra Calendar

CSI Hofstra

CSI Hofstra E-Board

  • President – Sam Gong
  • Vice President – Allie Jerreld
  • Treasurer – Valerie Garcia
  • Secretary – Claire Helfman
  • Public Relations – Makayla Bullard

Advisor for CSI Hofstra

  • Dr. Deborah Silva
    Assistant Professor and Director of Forensic Science Program
    Room 106G Berliner Hall