Strengthen Democracy, Promote Social Justice, Ensure Sustainability for Academic Credit!

The Center for Civic Engagement at Hofstra University is a university institute designed to promote democratic values by actively engaging students as knowledgeable citizens in collaborative partnerships with their campus, local, state, national, and global communities.

Both undergraduate and graduate students can receive between 1 and 4 credits for academic internships with CCE-affiliated community partners. Where possible, upon arrangement through CCE, the internship can count towards a minor in civic engagement (CCE 110), or another minor, or your major. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please contact the CCE director.

CCE-affiliated community partners, include but are not limited to: the Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition, Uniondale Community Land Trust, the Women’s Diversity Network, Girl Scouts of Nassau County, Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, and Springboard.

Along with these organizations, internships can be arranged between CCE faculty board members and other community-based and governmental organizations addressing equity and social justice-related issues (e.g., community development; affordable housing; preventing bullying; increasing high school graduation rates by connecting youth to academic and social services; sustainable agriculture, gentrification and redistricting issues; comprehensive health and social services that empower families with children with special needs or chronic illnesses; labor and human rights of immigrants; and building peace globally). Internships can be taken for between 1 and 4 credits.

The internships provide opportunities for reflection on practice with other students, faculty members, and community partners. Enrich your learning experience by making a difference in local communities!


  • Formally affiliate with the Center for Civic Engagement

  • Engagement time with community partner: 25 hours per credit

  • Write a research product (length depends upon number of credits taken and requirements of the department/program overseeing the major or minor; also see below)

CCE 110 Internship Writing Requirements:

  • 1 credit—extra 3-4 page reflection journal

  • 2 credits—5 to 10 page research paper

  • 3 credits—10 to 15 page research paper

  • 4 credits—15 to 20 page research paper

If you are interested, please email Philip Dalton at with the following information: full name, SID#, email address, preferred number of credits, and preferred type of credit (Civic Engagement minor or other specific major or minor).