Current and Recently Completed Projects

The Center officially launched in February 2007, and since then, several projects have been undertaken under its auspices, both on and off-campus. They include:

Deliberative Democracy Project
A series of forums in local middle schools and high schools, moderated by faculty and CCE Fellows, designed to promote civic literacy and tackle the critical issues facing the nation, including immigration, the deficit, the economy, energy independence and climate change.

Community Partnerships 
CCE student interns, fellows and advisory board members have identified and have begun working with a number of local community-based organizations, creating a partnership with these groups to collaborate on specific initiatives and projects addressing the needs and concerns of their respective constituents. CCE students have served as interns in these organizations as part of this collaborative process. Community partners include: Health Leads/NuHealth and Project DOCC,The Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition (GUAAC), The National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON), and the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives.

Voter Registration
The CCE coordinates voter registration tables in collaboration with various local community organizations addressing civic engagement and voter empowerment. These registration efforts take place during every summer orientation session, and during election season, twice a week through the voter registration deadline in October.

Expressions of Democracy/Democracy in Performance
U.S. democracy comes to life on campus as student and professional actors, dancers and musicians create a series of performances that highlight pivotal moments in our nation’s history. A variety of events explore immigration, workers’ issues, the Great Depression, the struggle for the abolition of slavery and voting and civil rights, and the concerns and treatment of veterans. Local Middle and high school classes studying American history and social issues attended these presentations, held both in 2008 and 2012 prior to the Presidential debates that were hosted on campus.

On-Campus Educational Events

  • Day of Dialogue - a one-day Hofstra student conference which explores current social and political issues through debate and dialogue, held every Fall semester;
  • International Day of Nonviolent Social Change - on or around Gandhi’s birthday, October 2, this event examines the long traditions of non-violence and links them to local efforts to resolving conflict through dialogue and other peaceful means.
  • Civil Rights Day – Held on or around February 1, the anniversary of the Woolworth’s lunch counter student sit-in in 1960, this all-day event examines some of the major civil rights issues of today that continue to challenge activists, and policymakers, with a particular focus on contemporary movements working around an array of civilrights issues in the hopes of getting students involved in local campaigns.
  • Globalization Day – CCE fellows and Advisory Board members organize panels and workshops on the many political, economic and cultural issues related to globalization. Past themes for Globalization Day included a look at Africa, human rights in a global context, and questions about cultural identity in today’s world.
  • Earth Day – Panels, interactive workshops, film screenings and other activities held on campus addressing a broad array of issues about the environment, clean energy and sustainability on a local, national and global level (every April on or around April 22nd).
  • International Scene Lecture Series – The ongoing series brings scholars, journalists, and activists to campus tospeak about current issues in U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

Leadership Training

  • Student leadership training in deliberative democracy moderation and conflict resolution
  • Student leadership training in political and grassroots organizing
  • Student leadership training in policy formulation and presentation
  • Student training in voter registration and voting promotion campaigns
  • Student exposure to Congressional lobbying experiences
  • CCE paid internship program for students to work on campus initiatives, research, priority setting and policy making.