Meet Our Graduates

Aissatou Ndiour

Hometown: Trenton, NJ

School of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts

Majors: Writing Studies and English (with a concentration in Publishing Studies and Literature)

What’s Next? A job in publishing or editing

Why Hofstra?

My family is currently living in New Jersey, but I was born and raised in the New York metro area. I’ve always wanted to return, and choosing Hofstra felt a lot like coming home.


How did you decide to major in English and Writing Studies?

I began as a biology major on the pre-med track and quickly discovered it wasn’t for me. I should have known because I’ve always loved writing and reading. My heart is in the humanities. Shortly after starting my studies at Hofstra, I switched my major to English. Later on, I took a Writing Studies course, “The Art of the Essay,” which is about exploring yourself through nonfiction writing. The biggest takeaway for me was that I have many of my own stories to share, that I believe people would enjoy reading. That class motivated me to add a dual major in Writing Studies.


Have you completed any internships?

Interned with Evolution International, a company that works with not-for-profit clients to build their donor base. I was stationed throughout Manhattan in retail stores, parks, even subway stations. I would speak to people about the causes that are important to them and about the philanthropic work Doctors Without Borders does throughout the world. The experience was pretty far removed from my majors, but it was important for me to build my marketing skills and interpersonal relationships.


You have also worked as a tutor at the Hofstra Writing Center. What has been the most rewarding part of that job?

I enjoy sharing strategies with students that help with their class assignments. Sometimes they are stuck on a paper and need a little guidance to move forward. It’s a great feeling to be there when they have an “a ha” moment and can then finish a project that they once thought was very difficult. It helps them realize they can master any task once they set their mind to it.


What will you miss the most about Hofstra?

I’m going to miss the environment here. Honestly, my classes don’t feel like work, because I enjoy what I’m doing. I’ll also miss the resources, like the Center for Career Design and Development, because I’ve made such great use of them.


What are your plans after graduation?

I’m currently interviewing and hope to find an editorial position. I’m eager to put my degree to work. My first choice would be to work in book publishing, but, honestly, I’d love to do anything that involves reading and writing