Meet Our Graduates

Alexis Friedman

Hometown: Oceanside, California

School: Lawrence Herbert School of Communication

Major: Journalism

Minor: Psychology

Clubs & Activities: Hofstra Chronicle (Editor-in-Chief), HEAT Network, Hofstra Today, Thursday Night Live, Sports Beat, Zeta Phi Eta (professional fraternity for communication arts & sciences), Hofstra student photographer

What’s Next? Freelance Sports Photographer for Newsday, Long Island’s daily newspaper and one of the ten largest newspapers in the U.S.

Why did you choose Hofstra?

I liked the community I saw on campus when I toured and then attended a Lawrence Herbert School of Communication admitted students’ day and the Honors College admitted students’ dinner. When looking at schools I wanted a change of pace from California and to experience actual seasons, so I looked more on the East Coast and in the Pacific Northwest. Hofstra’s proximity to NYC, the campus community, the Herbert School and the financial aid package I received all influenced me to commit to Hofstra.


What have been your top three experiences during your time here? Why were they your tops?

To narrow down and rate all of my experiences at Hofstra in my four years here down to three is very difficult. Top highlights of my time here – in no particular order – would have to be the Hofstra in Rome trip, working on HEAT network shows & the Chronicle, and finding my passion for sports photography with countless opportunities on campus to pursue it. Each of these experiences were my favorites because they helped me broaden my perspectives on the world around me, meet new people and grow closer to people I already had known. These experiences all helped me grow as a person and in my career aspirations.


Did you do any internships, had any research or co-op experiences? If so, what were they and what did you get out of them?

I interned for the New York Islanders (NHL team) communications team this past season (2022-23), managed social media and photographed for the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks (AK) over the summers and was a student social media manager and photographer for the Hofstra men's soccer team. My experiences working in sports with Hofstra’s soccer program and with the Goldpanners in Alaska gave me great insight into how different athletics programs are run at the Division I collegiate and summer league levels, which made my time with the Islanders, working for a professional team, that much more impactful. Additionally, with the Islanders, I have had the opportunity to meet so many people within the NHL and NHL teams, but also the beat reporters, photographers and team officials that travel with the teams, and develop close working relationships with each of those individuals.


Who have been the people who’ve had the most impact on you here at Hofstra?

Individuals who have had great impacts on my time at Hofstra have been (journalism professor) Brian McFadden, (Herbert School director of content strategy and student media engagement) David Henne, (assistant vice president of communications) Karla Schuster, (sports photographer and adjunct professor) Al Bello, head coach Richard Nuttall of the men’s soccer program, (English professor) Robert Plath and everyone on the Chronicle staff.


What was your favorite class in your major and why? What was your favorite class outside your major and why?

My favorite class within my major was a sports photojournalism course that was added just this year taught by Getty Sports photographer, Al Bello. I took it after getting into photography and more specifically sports photography over the course of my time here and to have the opportunity to learn from a photographer as talented as Al was incredible! I expanded and honed my skills so much during my time in that class and it really instilled in me that sports photography is what I’d like to have a career in. My favorite class outside of my major was probably history of psychology, for my minor in psychology. This class wasn’t my favorite because I found the subject matter fun or immensely interesting, but because it taught me the value of the time I have and to try my best to be fully present in every moment to learn.


Do you have a favorite spot on campus – what is it and why?

My favorite spot on campus is the pathway along Pride Park heading towards the soccer stadium & Bird Sanctuary. After returning to campus in the spring of 2021 after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, I used to Zoom into all of my classes from the Plaza room or Greenhouse in the Student Center and would go on nature walks to the Mack Arena to visit the Hofstra cats, walking along that path.


You’re a big theater buff – is that something you always loved, or something you developed because you are in New York and so near Broadway?

I grew up acting and doing theater at a local theater in Oceanside, where my dad is actually the current general manager. I’ve always been a theater kid at heart and was interested in Hofstra because of its proximity to the city and Broadway. Since my freshman year I have had the opportunity to go to probably around 15 or 20 Broadway shows. I’ve reviewed many of them for the Chronicle and been able to develop my inner theater critic.


What have been your favorite off-campus experiences and/or off-campus spots to visit?

One of my favorite off-campus experiences was photographing a close friend’s senior film shoot in Huntington, NY. A few favorite off campus places to visit are the Long Island Marriott when my family is in town, Jones Beach State Park, the Long Beach Boardwalk and UBS Arena, where I work on Islanders game days!


What’s your favorite thing to shoot on campus?

Sports, the natural beauty of campus (flowers and the cats) and behind the scenes of the HEAT Network shows and Herbert School student films! My favorite sport to shoot is probably soccer but softball & basketball have also become more recent favorites. I especially love behind the scenes photography with HEAT shows and productions because it gives me the opportunity to capture some of my closest friends from the School of Communication in their natural element producing, directing, writing, supervising, etc.


Pacific Ocean or Atlantic Ocean? California beaches or NY beaches?

I haven't been in the Atlantic yet, so I’d say the Pacific Ocean. NY beaches are beautiful, but I do miss California beaches. I’ll have a better answer after graduation when I live on Long Island over the summer!


Something you learned about yourself during your time here.

I learned a lot about myself but the most important lessons were to trust myself, make the most of every moment and opportunity, appreciate everything you have, and that life is so much richer when you are fully invested in each moment.

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