Congratulations to our graduates and their friends and families. Our in-person ceremonies will look different, due to state guidelines for commencements that mandate we make the events as contactless as possible. There will be no walk-ups permitted for graduates or guests – you must be registered to attend before the ceremony.

As a result of changing New York state guidelines, we will NOT be requiring guests or graduates to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, negative test results or prior diagnosis.

Ceremony Information

  1. You’ll receive an invitation to get a ticket. Each graduate gets two tickets, and each graduate’s pair of guests will sit together in a “pod.” That pod will receive randomly selected, pre-assigned seating. That seating assignment will be six feet from any other pod.
  2. The day of the event you’ll need to fill out a health screening form. This will be provided via text or email.
  3. You must wear a mask and remain physically distanced from others.
  4. There are no extra tickets for any ceremony.
Q: What is the plan in case of inclement weather?
A: Our commencement ceremonies will take place, rain or shine. The University will notify graduates and guests via email, text and through Hofstra University social media platforms if there are any changes to this plan.
Q: When should I receive my commencement attire?
A: You should receive it late in the week of May 10.
 Q: I’m a graduate, where do I go to check-in on the day of my ceremony and at what time?
A: Check in for graduates is at Hagedorn Hall. Graduates should arrive 60 minutes prior to each ceremony.
Q: I’m a guest, where do I go to check in for the ceremony I’m attending?
A: Guest check-in is at the front entrance to James M. Shuart Stadium and begins 60 minutes before each ceremony. Guests will be seated immediately after they’ve checked in. Please allow yourself enough time to check-in before your ceremony.
Q: I’m attending commencement as a guest. What else do I need to know?
A: All of our commencement policies and procedures are in accordance with current New York state guidelines.
 Q: Where do graduates line up after check-in? How will we get to Shuart Stadium from Hagedorn Hall?
A: There will be no line-up or procession into Shuart Stadium.  We will have a designated pathway for graduates to walk from Hagedorn Hall to the East Gate of Shuart Stadium, and graduates will walk to the stadium and be seated (six feet apart)  immediately after they check in. We eliminated the procession because state guidelines require we make commencement ceremonies as contactless as possible to ensure maximum safety and social distancing. Note: Because there is no line-up, if you want to be seated with friends, you’ll need to check in at the same time.
Q: I never got my cap and gown. Can I still attend? What should I do?
A: Yes.  We will have spare commencement attire available for anyone who didn’t receive theirs at the check-in area at Hagedorn Hall before each ceremony.
Q: I am physically challenged or one of my guests is. What kind of arrangement are you making for them?
A: The commencement ceremonies will have accessible seating for graduates and guests. Follow the instructions for check-in (graduates at Hagedorn Hall, guests in front of Shuart Stadium) and after you’ve checked in, staff will tell you how to get to your seating.
Q: What will the ceremony be like? Will I still get to walk across the stage?
A: Yes. As in previous years, you will walk across the stage and have your commencement portrait taken after you’ve  exited the stage. Due to health and safety protocols, and requirements to keep the ceremonies contactless, there will be no handshakes on the stage and the announcement of your name will be automated. When you reach the stage, you will have to scan a QR from your phone that you received before the ceremony so our system can announce your name as you walk across. Please note: KEEP YOUR CELL PHONE FULLY CHARGED DURING THE CEREMONY so you have easy, quick access to your QR code when it’s your turn to walk.
Q: Can graduates and guests bring food or drink into the ceremony?
A: Yes, you may bring a bottle of water into the stadium.
Q: Will there be a reception or University-designated meeting area for graduates and guests after the ceremony?
A: No. To comply with state health and safety guidelines, there will be no graduate recessional march from the stadium or reception following the ceremonies. Graduates and guests MUST EXIT THE STADIUM IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEIR CEREMONY IS OVER so the University can clean and sanitize between ceremonies. We recommend that designate a meeting place AWAY FROM THE STADIUM, preferably on North Campus to reduce foot and vehicle traffic congestion.
Q: Is there designated parking for commencement?
A: We encourage graduates and guests to park on North Campus and walk to either the Stadium or Hagedorn Hall to reduce traffic and pedestrian congestion. There will be very limited parking at Hagedorn Hall and Shuart Stadium.
Q: I have a question about commencement that isn’t answered here, who can I contact?
A: Please contact the commencement office at or 516-463-4346. Keep in mind, the commencement office is very busy, so it may take a little time for someone to respond. We appreciate your patience.
Q: I’m a faculty member, am I able to attend the commencement ceremony for my school or college?
A: The commencement platform party will be small, and must be physically distanced on stage. But we recognize and appreciate that some faculty may want to attend one of the ceremonies. If you would like to attend, we will have limited seating in a special section reserved for faculty, located in the bleachers to the side of the stage. Robes are not necessary. You are welcome to wear your robe, but none will be available through the Commencement office.

If you are interested in attending, you must fill out this form: and we will contact you about complying with commencement guidelines, which includes wearing a mask and observing physical distance.