Meet Our Graduates

Isabella Gomez

School: Frank G. Zarb School of Business

Major: Business analytics with a fashion marketing minor (Rabinowitz Honors College)

Activities: 180 Degrees business consulting club, treasurer - Hofstra American Marketing Association chapter

Hometown: Rochester, NY

What’s Next: Associate, marketing analytics, Loro Piana, an Italian luxury fashion brand

Why Hofstra?

Hofstra admission counselors came to my high school in October of my senior year and they pitched the business school really well. I fell in love with what they said about the new building (Guthart Hall) and the Behavioral Research in Business lab. And I loved the location because I love New York City, but I didn’t want to be in NYC yet. It was the perfect fit.


How did you end up choosing to major in Business Analytics, and how did fashion marketing become part of the picture?

I have always, always loved fashion. I don’t sew or design anything, but I am really good at math. I came in as an accounting major. I thought I would do the accounting for a fashion company. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and when I was taking my online courses, I started to explore the business analytics program on the Hofstra website. In my sophomore year, the business school added the fashion marketing minor. It just all fit together -- when it comes to a fashion company creating their brand and expanding their target market, they need data to do it right.


Do you have a favorite class or classes? A favorite professor?

Professor (Claudia) Cafarelli – I took her global fashion marketing class in my junior year and she really pushed me to use my data skills in that class. She helped me see what was possible. I also really enjoyed two classes outside my major – public speaking and philosophy. In public speaking, it really helped my communication skills and we got to give speeches on topics we were passionate about – I did one about the story of the Hermes bag. And in philosophy, we did a lot of group work and it was just so interesting hearing everyone’s thoughts and takes on moral issues and problems. It was great to have classes with people of all different majors, not just all business.


What have been some highlights of your time at Hofstra?

I’m part of Honors College and they do NYC trips all the time and it’s a great learning experience. I love how Hofstra does those trips and I try to go whenever they’re offered. I went to the Hudson Yards to see the entire view of Manhattan from The Vessel, I went to my first opera – La Traviata, I saw an environmental improv show at Central Park, went to a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden – so many cool things. I’m also really involved in following what’s going on on-campus, too. I love going to Hofstra basketball games, because I’m really into sports, and Fall Fest and Music Fest are always so much fun.


Did anything surprise you about Hofstra?

I am been so surprised about how accessible and personable the professors are here. All my professors knew my name and they are genuinely excited when you come to office hours. I’ve had the privilege of having amazing professors – not just in business, but in all my liberal arts classes, too.


Favorite spot on campus?

I love walking on this campus. In 2020, when we returned to school during the pandemic, walking around on campus was one of my favorite things to do. I love the beautiful gardens and flowers, especially the tulips. I’ve always loved the windmill spot (in front of Bernon Hall). And the spot outside Bits & Bytes – that quad with the tables is just a really nice spot, too.


What are you most looking forward to once you graduate? Is there anything you really want to do here before you graduate?

It’s been a great four years. I’m really excited to start my life in New York City and see where that goes. I’m going to move into Manhattan with three of my friends. Until then, I’m going to continue to use all the great resources here – the gym and the dining hall and the beautiful grounds on the south campus.

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