Meet Our Graduates

Kamryn Tommy

Hometown: Bronx, NY

School: Hofstra College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - School of Education

Major: Five-year BS ‘23/MSEd ’24 in Early Childhood/Childhood Education.

Activities: Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, Danceworks, Future Educators at Hofstra

What’s Next: Substitute teaching in the Port Washington Union Free School District while completing MSEd at Hofstra.

What brought you to Hofstra?

I wanted to go to a college that was a manageable distance from my home – in a new environment but close enough to my family so I could visit whenever I wanted.

I initially planned to major in premedical studies at Hofstra but discovered early on that it was not the best fit for me. I thought about what would make me happy. I’ve always loved working with children. I met with my advisors to discuss switching my studies to the School of Education and never looked back.


What has your student teaching experience been like?

Throughout the fall semester I worked in the South Salem Elementary School in Port Washington, where I taught kindergarten, first and fifth grade. It was a fantastic experience. They gave me a warm welcome, and I always felt that they were invested in my success.


How did the School of Education support you while you were student teaching?

My Hofstra advisors and professors helped me navigate the complexities of student teaching while finishing my undergraduate studies. I had an amazing advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Galarza, who provided a lot of creative advice with regard to lesson planning and building meaningful connections with my students.

Another role model was one of my literacy professors, Dr. Alan Flurkey. He really inspired me. From the very beginning he made me feel that the choices I was making were the best choices, and that this profession is exactly where I belong.


What extracurricular activities are you involved with?

During my first two years at Hofstra, my roommates and I were very close and kind of kept to ourselves. Then during my junior and senior years, I widened my social circle: I joined Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority and became a member of Danceworks. I also serve on the e-board of a new organization, Future Educators at Hofstra.

Where I would have described myself as an introvert a few years ago, I’m now out of my shell. These activities have built my sense of community. Hofstra feels like home to me.

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