Herbert School of Communication

Study Away Programs

Journey beyond the classroom with The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. Experience overseas destinations such as Rome and Cuba, or travel domestically to Los Angeles or nearby New York City and discover the opportunities that await through a growing alumni network on both coasts.

And, if you're up for more, Hofstra University also conducts programs in Amsterdam, Germany, England, Spain, Greece, Japan, France, and a dozen additional destinations.

Hofstra in LA

A mix of career exploration, an orientation to Los Angeles’ geography and economy, and networking extraordinaire, the Hofstra in LA program is a coveted opportunity for any Hofstra communications majors interested in entertainment media.

Hofstra in Rome

Working alongside Italian media professionals, Hofstra students experience international media, history and its impact on current events and Italian culture. In addition to Rome, students visit Naples and Sorrento, as well as Florence, Venice, and San Gimignano.

Hofstra in NYC

Hofstra in NYC expands upon the many opportunities that communications majors already have to engage with alumni and industry leaders, and allows students to make valuable professional connections and gain insights that can help them succeed in the media capital of the world - New York City.

Hofstra in Cuba

Hofstra in Cuba offers an integrated experiential opportunity that provides a distinctive introduction and analysis of Cuba's complex past, its changing present, and its promising future. The program offers students a unique perspective on the culture, politics, and people of Cuba, with the opportunity for service-oriented activities and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Hofstra Students in Rome