Herbert School of Communication

Dr. Lawrence Herbert '51

Lawrence Herbert is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Pantone®, Inc., a firm best known for the universal standards and multinational color language provided by its publications, software, hardware, and related products and services. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Chemistry from Hofstra in 1951, Herbert joined Pantone in 1956 as a color matcher. He bought the company in 1962, and in 1963 invented the world-renowned Pantone® Matching System®, which became the standard for global communication of color in the printing, publishing, packaging, graphic arts, paint, plastics, coatings, computer, film, video, textile, and fashion industries.

In 2013, the School of Communication was named for Lawrence Herbert in honor of his transformative support of the University and revolutionary impact on print and design. Establishing The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication reinforces Hofstra’s reputation as one of the nation’s leading communications schools and provides additional resources for the school to continue to innovate and keep pace with change, respond quickly to emerging opportunities, and prepare future generations of communications industry leaders for success.

Dr. Herbert

Dr. Herbert speaks at the convocation for the naming of the school.

Pantone Chip

Pantone chips like this one adorn the walls all throughout The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication building.

The school is proud of its association with Mr. Herbert and his legacy as founder of one of the greatest innovations in color communication. Taking inspiration from the Pantone® Matching System® and the vibrant array of color found across Hofstra’s campus (a nationally recognized arboretum), Belgian interior designer Michele Penneman created a new design for The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication building – incorporating elements representative of Mr. Herbert’s vision and providing students with a creative and inspirational learning environment.