Do I need prior experience to participate in community service?

No, there is no prior experience needed. Events are open to everyone.

How do I sign up for community service opportunities?

Sign up for the Community Outreach mailing list by visiting our website or emailing You will periodically receive emails about upcoming service opportunities. Each email will contain a link that will bring you to the sign-up form for that particular service opportunity. If you have trouble signing up for a service event, email us at or call 516-463-3469.

Do I have to be a commuter to be a part of community service?

No, all students can take part in community service.

How can I get more information about the service opportunities on campus?

Come to our office in Room 221 of the Student Center or call us at 516-463-3469. Feel free to contact us via email at

Where do the community service events take place?

Most of our events take place in the neighboring communities by campus, while others serve the bigger community of Long Island.

When do I sign up for these community service events?

You will receive a Google form via email to fill out. We ask that you complete it ASAP. Our events are popular and we are only allowed to take a limited number of students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are the community service events a hands-on experience?

Yes, all our events are hands-on experiences. In fact, we limit the number of students allowed to participate so that everyone can get involved in the activity. We want to encourage students to engage with the service activity as much as possible.

What is Shake-A-Rake?

Shake-A-Rake is one of our large-scale community service events. Members of the Hofstra community go out into the surrounding neighborhoods and rake leaves for people who are unable to do it themselves.

What is Pride and Plant?

Pride and Plant is one of our large-scale community service events. Students from Hofstra go out and beautify the surrounding communities by planting flowers.

How can I stay informed about new community service opportunities?

Join our mailing list by going to Hofstra's Community Outreach webpage, or email and ask to be added to the mailing list.