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The Office of Community Standards upholds Hofstra University’s Code of Community Standards and carries out the student conduct process in a manner that balances the rights of the individual with the rights of the community at large. In order to maintain a safe and secure learning environment in which students can thrive and succeed, we educate students about how decisions and behavior affect the individual, impact on others, and the Hofstra community.


Hofstra University is an institution committed to the development of students as individuals and as members of the greater Hofstra community. As an academic and social community, Hofstra strives to promote intellectual growth, stimulate learning environments, promote mutual respect, and encourage freedom of thought and expression. To achieve these goals and their associated benefits, Hofstra community members are held to a standard of conduct designated to uphold and promote an academic community. As such, it is imperative that Hofstra students respect the rights of one another as well as the rules and regulations of the academic community with the expectation that they will continue to foster this respect as future citizens of the global community.


Sarah Turon

Sarah M. Turon
Senior Associate Director of Community Standards
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Dawn Marzella
Assistant Director for the Office of Community Standards
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