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Student Counseling


Counseling services are administered by a staff of licensed psychologists, psychology interns, psychology externs and crisis counselors. Psychology interns and externs are appointed annually and are enrolled in doctoral training programs in psychology. Interns and externs are provided with ongoing supervision of all clinical work.

Licensed Psychologists:

  • John C. Guthman
    John C. Guthman, Ph.D.
    Executive Director, Student Health and Counseling Center
    Email | Bio
  • Merry McVey-Noble
    Merry McVey-Noble, Ph.D.
    Staff Psychologist and Assistant Clinical Director
    Email | Bio
  • Thea Bardin, Ph.D.
    Thea Bardin, Ph.D.
    Staff Psychologist
  • Louise M. Waters, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist
    Louise M. Waters, Psy.D.
    Staff Psychologist

Psychology Interns:

Claire Nakajima, M.A.
William Sanderson, M.A.

Psychology Externs:

Gia Campagna, M.S.
Ashleigh Garretson, M.S.
Kathryn Graham, M.A.
Fernando Krause, M.A.
Sarah Nachimson, M.S.
Kierstan Scheu, M.S.
Thomas Vacchio, M.A., M.S.

Mental Health Counseling Externs

Kerry O'Donnell

On-Call Counselors:
Thea Bardin, Ph.D.
Kayla Costello, M.A.
Melvin Walker, M.A.

Please note that e-mail is not a confidential medium, therefore we have chosen to protect potential clients with a request to contact us with more personal concerns via telephone or in person.

John C. Guthman

John C. Guthman, Ph.D. Executive Director, Student Health and Counseling Center

My professional commitment to Hofstra University began in 1986, initially as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Psychology and shortly thereafter as a counselor in the Student Health and Counseling Center, where I currently serve as the Executive Director. The most rewarding aspect of my work continues to be represented by opportunities to assist students with their personal concerns and collaborating with others who are doing the same.

My formal education as a licensed psychologist began as an undergraduate psychology student at Northeastern University and included graduate training in clinical psychology programs at Western Michigan University and Hofstra University. Clinical work in hospital, school and community agency settings has helped shape my understanding of psychology as a diverse professional field with abundant opportunities for service and life-long learning.


Merry McVey-Noble

Merry E. McVey-Noble, Ph.D. Assistant Clinical Director

I have been a Staff Psychologist at Student Health and Counseling Services since January 2007, and have been teaching in the Department of Psychology since 1995. I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical and School Psychology in 2000. After graduating, I did my post-doctoral training and remained at Bio-Behavioral Institute, treating anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders for the next, seven years. I was thrilled to return to Hofstra and to join the Division of Student Affairs in my position with Student Counseling in January of 2007. It felt like coming home.

As a Staff Psychologist and Assistant Clinical Director, I work directly with students to provide individual counseling, consultation, referral, and crisis management services. I also love to go out into the Hofstra community and to provide workshops to students, to participate in trainings for different groups and to facilitate screening events for the campus community. At Student Counseling Services, students can expect a confidential, compassionate counseling experience.

I am originally from Western Australia, though I’ve spent most of my life in the Garden State. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Douglass College at Rutgers University in 1994 and my Ph.D. in Clinical and School Psychology from Hofstra University 2000.